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18 Months Till the End

Carcass and Childe are not 100% convinced by Morgan Gallows' story but neither do they distrust him. The pair are caught up in rioting down town and both have to use their talents to escape unharmed. Child returns to the C.O.D.A. shelter to pick up her belongings but the duty manager tells her she never checked in. He calls for someone named Peter and a huge hooded man walks up behind her, who has no aura, and knocks her unconscious with a shoulder pinch.

Childe becomes known to The Savior and asks Serendipity to find her and bring her to his clan. He is gathering the special talented together to create a master race to supplant ordinary humans as the dominant race on earth.

Gallows' home comes under attack during the night by demonic and zombie followers of Savior. They are winning the battle until Morgan takes a silver bullet to the chest. They extract the bullet but Gallows is laid low while he heals.

At Saviors, Vex is having nightmares of hellfire and Antigone telling her that her father is gone but now she can bring chaos to the earth and to open a gateway

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