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The entire TidalWave universe comes together for an amazing series that shines the spotlight on the characters that you demanded to see more of! Every member of the superhero group that was introduced in 10th Muse #1 will be featured in this self-entitled series called The Odyssey. The series features many characters that needed extra pages to tell their tales, from Orion the Hunter and Ares, to Judo Girl and Medusa. The Odyssey will feature the hidden gems of TidalWave in their own adventures! Also included in the series is a Who's Who of the TidalWave universe. Several amazing comic book artists are making their mark on the TidalWave universe and we can't wait until you see the amazing new work from industry pros like Norm Breyfogle and Craig Rousseau and talented newcomers such as Sean Murphy, Patrick Blaine and many more!

VariantCover ArtistRelease Date
A CruzRoger CruzAugust 2002
B Mychaels (wrap)Marat MychaelsAugust 2002
C PajarilloMark PajarilloAugust 2002
D MurphySean MurphyAugust 2002
Miller Mike MillerOctober 2002

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