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The Oddities are characters created by Bill Willingham and Mike Leeke and were published in the mini series titled Pantheon, Welcome to the Machine. Lone Star Press introduced these characters in Pantheon # 1 in 2007. They seem to be amalgams from the Fantastic Four.


Fantastic Foursome

In the universe of the Pantheon several super powered groups and individuals reside and one of these groups is the world famous team called the Oddities. The group consists of four members of varying powers. First is their leader the genius Dr.Odd who can mold his body into a gelatinous shapes elongating parts as needed. Afterlife who is his former wife and trapped in an immaterial form making her a ghost in all respects. The immensely strong and brutish Boulder who's shape is that of a rock incrusted giant and unable to return to human form. And lastly the young and impetuous Hotshot able to create and control flames and heat. The team resides in New York at their highly sophisticated skyscraper headquarters and have partnered several times before with the Freedom Machine.

During one event when the super powered teen calling himself Deathboy was becoming a nationwide threat the Oddities and several other forces such as the Freedom Machine, the Darkside Rangers, and various independent heroes and villain's came together to stop the threat. The Oddities were an integral part in analyzing and developing a plan to eliminate Deathboy reinforcing strong ties with the hero community and US government agencies.

Although at one time appearing to be a tight nit group several changes to the group have made it apparent that they now are literally at odds with one another. Dr.Odd and Afterlife are no longer an item due to a breakup or divorce. Not being able to retain a corporal form Afterlife could not take part in the physical relationship which Dr.Odd seemed to need. For this reason Hotshot and Dr.Odd started a relationship to the fury of Afterlife who still calls Dr.Odd her husband. Hotshot had apparently been involved with Boulder before his transformation into a rock monster and this change of heart left Boulder extremely upset. This left the members at crossroads with each other and the four now falling into a fractured state of paranoia and resentment, however they still stayed together as a group.

Fractured family ties

After former Freedom Machine member Daedalus had helped breakout several powerful villains from Fort Silent and was looking for others to join him in his conquest of the planet the Oddities were staying out of the situation. This was until Gulliver and Menagerie from the Freedom Machine had been sent to secretly obtain intel from the Oddities headquarters to see which side they would join. However both were easily discovered within the buildings vents and retrieved by Dr.Odd. Once they were told by Gulliver of the reasoning behind their espionage tactics the team began to bicker on what to do with the two. Insulted and angered by the approach which the Dynasty and the Freedom machine had taken they joined up with Daedalus and his objectives.

This would prove to be the downfall of the once famous and respected group and their inside turmoil and problems with one another sealed their fate. With forces amassing on Fort Silent's island the Oddities fought against the Freedom Machine and other super powered individuals. However they were wiped out of existence when the Darkside Rangers and the US government deployed Deathboy from an airplane and he used his deathray vision make them all vanish.

Oddities Skyscraper

The Oddities home base is in the middle of New York City itself, a famous landmark for the Big Apple and tourists can often be seen outside on its sidewalks taking photos. Their New York home base is a skyscraper designed by Dr.Odd himself and he has outfitted every floor, including the basement and subbasement, with a sophisticated array of technological marvels. The fabulous foursome also are known to reside her all year round, more than confident that any unwanted guests will be either turned away or discovered quickly if attempting to break in. As Gulliver and Menagerie found out while attempting to do so.

The Oddities Skyscraper appearance is the shape of a long cylinder. Its modern design is steel and glass, it has a visitors entrance on the main street. On the roof it has access for several flying guests and their own flying vehicle the Oddball.

The Oddball

The Oddball is the weird high flying semi-intelligent ship which is the main form of transportation of the Oddities. Created by Dr.Odd its sphere like design is another trademark of the team as its automatically known who's coming into the battlefield when the ship comes into sight. It is equipped with highly advanced techonology and resides in the hanger of the Oddities Skyscraper.

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