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The Occultist is a minor criminal that uses magic to rob a bank and comes into conflict with the Black Cat. Spider Man heads to the bank after he realized his check book has bounced and finds Felicia fighting a gnome creature made out of bank equipment. The gnome creature falls apart when the Occultist uses a spell to melt the vault door. The wanna-be master of the mystic arts starts a spell on the money when Spider Man grabs him and is zapped with magical energy. Spider Man appears fine and punches out the Occultist. The cops arrive and place the Occultist in their custody. Spidey tells Felicia to be good as he leaves the bank and when she turns around to look at the cash, it simply vanishes. 
Spider Man returns home and discovered millions of dollars inside his bedroom. Peter Parker freaks out and puts all the money in a big duffle bag. Spider Man puts the bag in front of the vault door and takes off. As he swings away, the duffle bag of cash hits him on the back and magically binds itself to him. Spider Man has Felicia help him free the Occultist from jail so he can undo the spell. The Occultist calls Spider Man a fool and creates a gnome creature made out of the money. The Occultist thought he killed Spider Man when his money creatures smashes the web-head with one punch. The Occultist failed to realize that the creature was made out of money and money is made out of paper. Spider Man leaps through the paper monster and kicks the Occultist in the face. Spider Man and Felicia are safe and the bad guy goes to jail. The spell on Spidey was undone when the Occultist created the monster since he could only cast one spell at a time.  
Powers & Abilities:
The Occultist is a beginner when it comes to magic. He can cast minor spells and create gnome creatures made out of various materials around him.

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