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The Notional Man was created by his mother's fanatical desire to have a child. She wanted to have a baby so much that she willed one into existence (a process called phantom pregnancy). He appears as a pink-skinned, white-haired man dressed in a white tuxedo wih pupilless eyes.


The Notional Man was created by writer Peter Milligan and artist Chas Truog.

Major Story Arcs


The Notional Man and his partner, the Front Page, attacked Nowhere Man in the bar where he was talking with Animal Man about being hired by the CIA. Turned out that they once were working together but Nowhere Man took all of the earned money when he split from them. The Notional Man captured Nowhere Man using his forceps while Buddy was engaged in battle with the Front Page. Possessed by primal rage, Buddy killed his opponent. The Notional Man, horrified by the murder of his only friend, retreated, swearing revenge on Animal Man. Later that day, Buddy was brought to the night club by Nowhere Man. Being there, he noticed his enemy with paper bag in the hands. He tried to chase him but suddenly realized that the bag contained explosives, but it was too late - it has already exploded.
The Notional Man followed Buddy and his children down to the Grand Canyon where he kidnapped his daughter, Maxine, from their motel room. Buddy, frightened by what may happen, immediately started the search and soon found the car with Maxine in it standing on the verge of the Grand Canyon and the Notional Man who was holding it from falling down. Feeling his triumph, the Notional Man threatened Buddy that he will move from the car if Buddy tries to kill him. He ordered Animal Man to take surgical instruments which were lying on the ground and start to torture himself. He decided to outwit the Notional Man and threw one of the instruments at him, but he dodged the attack, releasing the car. Buddy desperately tried to save it, but couldn't prevent its destruction (although Maxine manage to escape from the car in the last moment). Stunned, he suddenly felt the Notional Man's forceps on his neck who was sucking the lifeforce from him. Once again, animal hate took over Buddy who easily freed himself from forceps and decapitated the Notional Man.

Powers and Abilities

The Notional Man carries around a pair of surgical tongs which he uses as a weapon and has extremely acute olfactory powers which allow him to smell colors, reflections, and even memories.

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