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Wrap it up and called it a day.

Jeff Lemire is most well know in the Indie market from his Essex County Trilogy.  A set of three graphic novels which takes place in his home of Essex, which it an rural area of Canada.  A lot of open country space.  Jeff Lemire works best in that setting and up to the date of this books publication, he would continue that theme here and explore it once more in his upcoming Sweet Tooth Vertigo Series.
This takes us to Large Mouth U.S.A.  I am Canadian like Jeff Lemire, so I am not sure if its a real city or if he made it up.  I think he made it up, but please let me know if its a real place.  In Large Mouth we meet a bandaged up stranger.  Aloner he keeps to himself and only a young girl named Vickie really befriends him and this is also where the problems in his life start to occur.
There is many classic H.G. Wells The Invisible Man allusions which are strengthen the story if you know them and are overlooked easily in his modern age of Superhero readers.  
I enjoyed the comic narration style I have become a custom to with Jeff Lemire.  A lot of wordless visuals that speak volumes for themselves.  Such as the symbolization of freedom to see in a set of sequentials of a butterfly.
The pacing is nice, since not being limited to the 22 page set up per "chapter" coming being ported over from monthly pamphlets but a page count for a graphic novel, this books is a nice training ground of Jeff Lemire to learn page count containment which he would need later in Sweet Tooth.
The art is nice but not for everyone.  His rough lines and the few colors allowed highlight only important moments in the book.  This book reminds me most of his first indie release of Lost Dogs, which is currently out of print, but rumored to be at Top Shelf being reworked and touched up for a general release.
The Ending is a little rushed and without knowledge of the book this is inspired from with art not for everyone, this book is about a 3.5 out of 5. 

I enjoyed it and I missed my bandaged friend, one day maybe we'll see him again
- Silkcuts

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