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Dr Rorschach

Rorschach's childhood is revealed in the before watchmen comics in which the audience finds out that the young Rorschach (probably at the age of 8) was abused and didn't have a stable relationship with his mother. The whereabouts of his father is unknown and his promiscuous mother is constantly with various men some of whom are Rorschach's uncles. In one episode you find out while his mother is engaging intercourse with Rorschach's unnamed uncle, the young Rorschach is left outside in the snow only letting his fingers and bare toes becoming purple. Not only this but constant abuse at school causes Rorschach to explode with anger (not literally) and bite off the flesh of a bully's cheek in his angst.

Nite Owl

NiteOwl's past is also revealed in the before watchmen comics. Here we find his unstoppable determination in which he buys a mask of a fighter pilot and attempts to fight bullies at school. He gets beaten to a pulp countless times in doing so, he convinced himself if he never gave up they could never be declared winner, a theme that runs through the whole of his life. It was inevitable that two characters of such brutal pasts would come together in a brutal duo tethered to justice itself.

The Meet Up

#Before the Crimebusters, were formed Rorschach and Nite-Owl II worked together as a team to stop criminals like: Big Figure, Underboss, Jimmy the Gimmick and the King of Skin. It was disbanded when they went on the Crimebusters team and Rorschach went on a lone pursuit and changed his way of crimefighting. Nite-Owl quit crime fighting altogether for a while. The team was rejoined when Nite-Owl sprung Rorschach from prison and went on the pursuit for Rorschach's "mask killer". They found out Adrian Veidt was behind a sceme and went to subdue him. They traveled to Antarctica in the owl ship. When they found Adrian they tried confronting him but with Adrian's given prep time and the two riders, Rorschach and Nite-Owl, being limited because of harsh conditions through travel in Antarctica he won the fight between the two heroes easily. Adrian's plot was later revealed to them. Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre II met up with these two later on in the novel once they find out.



Rorschach appears with a detective's typical clothing. He wears a hat and a long, brown trench coat, grey trousers and ordinary shoes. He carries around a grapple hook and wears the famous mask of an always changing blot tests (as the name Rorschach would suggest). Both him and NiteOwl may or may not be seen with the famous smiley face badge. He is roughly 5ft8 and weighs 135lbs.


Nite-Owl carries a more varied amount of gadgets and wears a suit, much like Batman, resembling an owl. He has an owl ship and like Rorschach has excellent unarmed combat, very gruesome and brutal, but gets the job done. He is approximately 5ft11 and weighs 180lbs.

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