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Teknight tries to warn about the threat of Pilgrim and his Gang, but the Strangers mistakingly believe he is actually Pilgrim. This immediate confusion causes Teknight and the Strangers to fight. Before too long, Night Man arrives to stop the Strangers and defend Teknight. Teknight explains who he is, how he is the spirit of a former king of Ghaul that was killed by a sorcerer's sword. His soul inhabited the current armor it inhabits now and he was propositioned by Pilgrim to join his gang, learning of seven bombs that were places in different parts of San Francisco. Teknight refused the offer and went to the Strangers to warn them, which is where they are now. The Strangers decide to split up to search for each of the bombs, with Night Man as backup for anyone who needs it. Lady Killer and Night Man find Brazen and Gangsta near one of the bombs near the Golden Gate Bridge. They are able to defeat Brazen and Gangsta and defuse the bomb. Lady Killer remains to continue to search for other bombs in the area and Night Man goes to assist Zip Zap at J.D. Hunt's headquarters. There they find Zara, who they are able to defeat. Zip Zap and Night Man then go to help Atom Bob fight Generator X. After that bomb is defused, Night Man helps Spectral against Lightshow but is hurt in the battle. Yrial fights against Powerhouse and is assisted by Teknight, whom Night Man asked for help in searching for the bombs. They are able to defeat Powerhouse and find themselves needing to find two more bombs in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Night Man is getting an idea of who Pilgrim really is.

continues in The Strangers Annual #1

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