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Collecting the four-issue miniseries the exposes the underbelly of college life in the Big Apple! Riley's sister Angie is making a name with her new band, while Riley is the black sheep of the family. Plus: Lona's murky past seems to include stalkerism, and Merissa and Ren must deal with situations involving older men. Also includes bonus material!


Five girls. One City. Second Semester. Infinite Complications.

Freshman year is halfway over. But for four NYU students who came together first semester to participate in a video-therapy project, snag a cool East Village apartment, and become best friends, the drama's just getting started.

LONA's a Canadian fashionista and the kind of girl everything always came easy to, from photography to straight As. But when a professor finally challenges her to try harder, she decides she'll teach him a lesson instead.

Shy RILEY left her sheltered literati life in Park Slope, Brooklyn to reconnect with her rock-star sister and find herself in the big city. But when her sister's sleazy boyfriend puts the moves on her, she ends up more alone that ever.

REN's got a Left Coast personality that's as fun, fast, and free as she is on her skateboard. But she's also got a love life as tangled as her hair, and her thing for older guys may force her to grow up way too soon.

MERISSA's a boy-crazy adrenaline junkie, born and bred in Queens. But there's a dark secret at home that she can't share with anyone - not even her three best friends.

Then there's OLIVE, the new girl who completes THE NEW YORK FIVE, at least on their front stoop. She's homeless, but she seems happy. And her life is about to impact the four first-year college students in a way that none of them can see coming.

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