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The Titans are reeling from their battle with Lord Chaos. But when Team Titans surprisingly gets rowdy, baby Wildebeest reveals a surprise of his own.

Total Chaos part 5 of 9. The future dictator and mad titan Lord Chaos has kidnapped Donna Troy, and protected her while she gave birth to his infant self. With his birth complete, Lord Chaos blasts Donna Troy, disintegrating her. Meanwhile, the New Titans and the Team Titans try to figure out where Lord Chaos has taken Donna. While the teams debate, they come to blows. During the fight, one of the Team Titans hurts Pantha, which causes Baby Wildebeest to transform into a huge creature, which attacks the Team Titans.

Baby Wildebeest’s attack destroys Steve Dayton’s apartment, causing it to be set ablaze. The fire focuses both teams, as they rescue themselves from the fire. Phantasm appears, concerned for Donna Troy. As the Titans figure out their next step, a huge storm envelops New York City. From the center of the storm comes a 50-foot tall Donna Troy. Clad in gold, this Donna Try calls herself Troia, and wields the storm’s lightning with ease.

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