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Lord Chaos assumes the position of CEO of a large company,as he plots the destruction of his mother Donna Troy.While several of the the Titans are confronted by a baby Wildebeast.With the beast unknowingly attacking Pantha and an injured Starfire before being calmed down by Steve Dayton's offering of milk. While Pantha advocates for it's destruction,while the majority of Titan's speak on it's behalf.While back at his lair Lord Chaos homes in on Donna Troy, while back at the Dayton Mansion Donna beings vomiting writing it off as a simple Flu. While through out the grounds the various Titans are being observed by various with Terra observing Changeling and Mirage observing Dick and Starfire.

While observing a fight between Dick and Starfire, she takes the opportunity to plant a tracer on Dick so he could lead the group to their objective Donna Troy.While at STAR Labs Donna,Terry and Red Star arrive to inquire on the status of Cyborg, during which an increasingly sick Donna Troy passes out and is rushed to the medical wing. While Red Star checks in on the status of Cyborg,learning the grim truth. While back at the mansion Steve and Changling depart, only for Changling to be met by an alive Terra. While elsewhere Dick pursues the fleeing Starfire back to her apartment to tell her they need to talk. While later Dick watches on Titans island, but is met by Deathstroke and quickly attacks him for his murder of Jericho and skipping his son's funeral. He then allows Grayson to beat him before easily ending the fight and the two departing ways with Grayson wondering where home now is for him.

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