dark_noldor's The New Titans #52 - Who is Wonder Girl? Chapter Three: Trackdown review

The Child Destroys the Parent

The past issues were very much interesting mostly because of the story and the narrative and since this issue didn´t add much to neither of these two feats and the dialogues weren´t developed as they should, this issue was a little boring to tell the truth. This even reflected in Perez art, not that it´s bad, nothing like that, but if you compare this issue with the last one it´s a shock, once there was a fluid and bright energy was replaced by not so cool battles and the concept of the interior of the ships didn´t surprised me, causing the effect it did last issue. The best thing about this issue was the scenes in New Chronos, showing the glorious past with the decaying present and the attacks of the evil seed. I think this was a bump in the road for this arc story, but now, with the third seed on his way and the other two already in place, this will leave room to Marv pushes new things, that´s my hope. Still recommended, but mostly because of issues # 50 and 51.
3.5 out 5


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