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The Titans' lives are thrown into disarray. Plus, one member leaves for good.

Following the disaster at the wedding of Starfire and Nightwing, Starfire is brought to S.T.A.R. Labs for treatment.However the conventional means quickly fail as Phantasm begins to utilize his empathic powers to try and calm the possessed Starfire in an effort to stop her from going nova. With the aid of Phantasm Starfire proves able to resist Raven's mental thrall, much to the relieve of the assembled Titans. Meanwhile back at Titans Tower Arsenal receives a call from Sarge Steel in the aftermath of the priest's death and the Titans possibly being brought up on federal charges. The Titans then agree it best for Dick to take time off as Arsenal decides to deliver the news to Nightwing himself,which Nightwing adamantly refuses and the exhausted and nearly crazed Grayson attacks Roy as his fellow Titans look on. He then furiously agrees to leave the team as he returns to the bedside of Starfire to help her recover.While out in the city Changeling ponders over recent events and debates returning to the Titans,but his concentration is broken by a group of villains forcing him into action to save the life of two officers. He then quickly defeats Napalm, Blaster and Riot leaving them in an alley for the police as a nervous Changeling ponders upon the after effects of his exposure to the Mento helmet.

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