new mutants 87

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is this real i pick it up for $.50
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@bergquist: Yes, it's real... They replaced the red background with a metallic gold for the second printing.
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The 2nd print is only worth a couple of dollars. I have both the 1st and 2nd prints. For years (like 10+), I thought I had the 1st print, but then I realized that it was a 2nd printing and went out and picked up the 1st print.
You can use (free sign-up, you're just limited to the number of issues you can save, but you can look up anything), as a price reference. They even have pictures of various editions, prints, etc., so you can compare the covers.
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Just check cause I thought I had a first printing.......nope I got 2 second printing. sigh.

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If anyone isn't sure... the cover with the RED background is the first printing.  

 The 'gold' cover is the second printing... Just because it's shiny & gold, doesn't make it special. 
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It makes it special to me...

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@Renchamp: lol

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