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Continued from Uncanny X-Men #272. Hodge now has two problems: Storm has restored her teammates' powers and the Genegineer is helping lay waste the power and communications systems. He also has an advantage: he's nigh invulnerable. With all the cards on the table, the X-Teams begin tearing the citadel apart in hopes of stopping Hodge once and for all.

Story concludes in X-Factor # 62.


Hodge confronts the X-Teams to find that Storm and Cyclops have their powers back. Storm quickly gives Jean Grey her powers back and the three try to hold Hodge back from the other mutants. Hodge proves to powerful, however, and advances on the three powerful mutants. Yet, before he can fully attack the three, an explosion rocks the Citadel and Hodge quickly departs. Cyclops tells the others that Forge had released a secret search bomb that was to find Hodge's main source of information and power and then detonate.

Outside, Boom-Boom, Rictor, and Jubilee also witness the explosion, as it takes out the Genegineer and his mutate. The two had the misfortune of trying to tunnel into Hodge's office, which had just been rocked by Forge's bomb. The young mutants pull the still-living Genegineer into the office. They quickly hide when Hodge comes to investigate. Fortunately for Hodge, the most important stuff is still in tact. He departs. Boom-Boom finds the remains of Warlock and Rictor, in a rage, threatens the Genegineer.

Topside, Cyclops speaks cue words to Forge and he wakes up. He sees Storm and the two embrace. Storm then gives everyone their powers back. The teams split up and Storm's group heads to the Hodge's quarters to see the damage. They find the young mutants who are about to rip the Genegineer apart upon finding out that Wipeout is dead and their powers may never be restored. Storm allays their fears by restoring their powers. Sadly, when Wolfsbane is touched she is only able to escape the mutate process in her lycanthropic states.

Hodge prowls the halls of the Citadel and attacks a team of mutants. He is victorious and is about to finish off the particular team when he feels his power draining. Down in his lab, Rictor, Boom-Boom, and Sunspot are tearing everything apart. Hodge appears and attacks. He takes a licking, but it isn't until the Genegineer shoots a very large gun that Hodge takes a life. He grabs the Genegineer and snaps the man's neck. Being weakened, Hodge phases through the floor of the lab and escapes. The mutants follow.

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