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Psyche was running from the prehistoric monsters inside the Danger Room.  She escaped up a simulated cliffside and caught her breath as she took in the amazing capabilities of the Danger Room.  However, her respite was short lived as the Brood Queen attacked Psyche, knocking her off the cliff.  Although the Danger Room's jungle trees broke her fall, Psyche was left for dead, lying unconscious on the Danger Room's jungle floor.
In Salem Centre Mall the other New Mutants left a showing of ET, while Stevie went to call the school.  The New Mutants met a local group of kids who verbally spar with Sunspot, and mistakenly call Wolfsbane "Rain".  They made friends and went for ice cream together.

Unknown to them Gyrich had been in meetings with Sebastian Shaw.  Together they observed the young mutants socialising and discussed the possibility of unleashing sentinels on young teenagers.  Meanwhile, Stevie was unable to reach anyone at the school, and was pulled aside by the shadowy figure of Michael Rossi.  Stevie recalled his name (and the fact that he was meant to be dead) from conversations with her friend Carol Danvers.  He confessed to be undercover and acting in the interest of Xavier's students.  

However, back in the ice cream parlour Gyrich's agents attempted to take the New Mutants away.  Karma took the lead and they followed the agents to the car park.  There Rossi intervened and the kids began to use their powers to stop their assailants.  However, they were soon attacked by activated sentinels.

The fight soon spread outside, where Sunspot accidentally pushed a sentinel into the main mall building before he ripped the head off.  Cannonball had less luck when the sentinel he was about to attack froze him in mid-flight.  Karma used her power to posses Cannonball and re-activate his blast field, which propelled him and the sentinel into the atmosphere.  Once the ice had melted, Cannonball returned the sentinel crashing against the floor.  The fight ended when Rossi convinced Karma to posses the head agent and force a confession to the local police force.

When the team returned to the school they found Psyche unconscious on the de-activated Danger Room floor.  She woke and after being told off about using the Danger Room alone by Stevie she explained what had happened, and described the monster that attacked her.  Stevie Hunter began to suspect what might have happened, knowing that only herself, Moira MacTaggert and Charles Xavier had clearance to activate the kind of programme that Psyche had experienced.

Unseen by all, the psychich image of the Brood Queen melts into that of Charles Xavier, unconscious in his wheelchair.

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