dark_noldor's The New Mutants #96 - X-Tinction Agenda (Part 5): United We Stand review

An anatomy lesson by Rob Liefeld

A dragging,slow and repetetitive narrative, only eclipsed by the innefective, unsurprising, boring and desproportional "art style" or Rob Liefeld, if you ask to me if this sums it up the quality of this issue, I would be forced to say yes, unfortunately, in order to see the whole X-tinction Agenda arc story you must face this dead issue, since there are some important events taking place here that will impact in the following issues to come - it´s difficult to me to point out what bugged me the most about this issue, since it´s a fiercy competetion between Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld, so, in order not to be unfair, I´ve decided to call it a draw: Louise´s narrative is definitely a true match to Liefeld´s pencils. The worst part of this comic book is the fact that Jean´s covert op consisted in carrying 4 mutants with her (Cable, Forge, Sunspot and Gambit), but miracously, amidst the fray, Cannonball managed to appear, knocked down some magistrates, only to return unspoiled to the bunker where the rest of the X-Men were in hiding, like nothing ever happened, sinchronicity, that´s the key word. But, after all, reading this pays off in the big picture, since the true reward is in reading Claremont´s and Lee´s issues of Uncanny X-Men (#s 270 to 272).

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Posted by Silkcuts

You speak truths!
Liefeld's art was disproportionate indeed and it is amazing how often he thinks his talent could carry a comic company. 

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    Before, Louise Simonson's style was only an annoyance to be dealt with. The stories she pens are just fine, but it's the inner monologues that have chapped my hide in this and past issues. Let's add to her repertoire: using little kids to catch the reader up on the goings-on. These kids go into incredible detail with each other, more-so than regular school mates would. It is an artistic device to use a non-sequitur to introduce the story. The Simpsons do it all the time. The problem here is that...

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