renchamp's The New Mutants #96 - X-Tinction Agenda (Part 5): United We Stand review

Louise, Louise, Louise...

Before, Louise Simonson's style was only an annoyance to be dealt with. The stories she pens are just fine, but it's the inner monologues that have chapped my hide in this and past issues. Let's add to her repertoire: using little kids to catch the reader up on the goings-on. These kids go into incredible detail with each other, more-so than regular school mates would. It is an artistic device to use a non-sequitur to introduce the story. The Simpsons do it all the time. The problem here is that a nonsequitur is not used and the reader is being beaten over the head with the attempt. You can't help but notice the style. It's like a modern device (the era, not the contemporary) being used for the wrong purposes. Besides this glaring, ill-use of style, the plot is great. The issue is worth the read; I just wish you didn't have to slog through some sub-par writing.


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