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Despite appearances, Cable and Wolverine end up fighting alongside each other as they try to take down Stryfe's operations in Madripoor. Elsewhere, Cable's New Mutants find the lessons they've been taught are valuable. Everyone ends up meeting in Stryfe's warehouse, a locale that has explosive results.

Note: This issue is immediately followed by the X-Tinction Agenda. See Uncanny X-Men #270 for the first chapter. New Mutants #95 is Chapter 2 and should be read after Uncanny X-Men. Also, for the supposed background to Cable and Wolverine's fight, see Wolverine and Cable: Guts and Glory.


Cable and Wolverine continue their fight.

At the MLF headquarters in Madripoor, Sunfire, Warlock, Boom-Boom, and Cannonball are rendered useless by a stasis beam. They are strung up by their arms and the Dragoness gloats about how the presence of the New Mutants has only served to accelerate the plans of the MLF to release the drug Sleet on the world's capitals that very evening. As a parting gift, the Dragoness plants a big kiss on Cannonball. Boom-Boom, enraged at Cannonball's supposed swooning, retaliates by also kissing him. The two are surprised at their chemistry. Cannonball states that Boom-Boom's jealousy is unnecessary. He filched the key to their shackles from the Dragoness while she was focusing on kissing Cannonball. Sunfire is impressed by Cable's tutelage.

Outside, Cable and Wolverine continue their battle. Knowing that something needs to be done before someone gets killed, Rictor vibes a water tower's contents onto the men, very effectually ending the fight. Wolverine explains that the fight wasn't too serious, although the reasons why the men sparred were serious enough. One day, he and Cable will get to finish their fight. For now, they must figure out what Stryfe is up to.

Currently, Stryfe has learned that Dragoness has allowed the New Mutants to escape by some foolishness. He sends the dispensable, human guards to take care of the New Mutants while he takes his mutant team to disperse the Sleet. Cannonball's squad sees the human guards and has to suppress Sunfire's urge to flay them in a blaze of death. Boom-Boom seconds Cannonball's plan and states that they need subtly if they want to find the Sleet. Sunfire relents and the guards get taken out by surprise. Sunfire keeps one guard conscious and has the man lead the mutants to the drug. They enter the warehouse where the Sleet is stored as Wolverine and Cable bust in through a skylight.

As the New Mutants regroup, Stryfe and his forces enter. A battle ensues. Warlock and Sunspot take out Sumo with a trampoline/slingshot approach. Cannonball knocks Kamikaze out of commission. Rictor notices Sunfire being cautious with the Dragoness so he vibes her from flight. Too late does he realize that Sunfire was being cautious because not only does the warehouse hold the Sleet but because it also houses tons of explosives. The New Mutants flee as the whole warehouse goes up in a glorious explosion that destroys all the Sleet, as well as the supposed MLF members. Cable doesn't think the fight is over, but it will have to be resumed after the X-Tinction Agenda.

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And the Student Becomes the Convinced 0

Yes, slightly better than the last issue. Cable's charges are starting to fight smarter. Stealth has its upsides. Subterfuge is no longer a foreign word. It's nice to see the young ones held back, but this time it's not by their leaders saying they are too young. It's by stratagem and good form. Especially nice is Sam taking control of one of the groups, a role he'll get to explore even more later. (Yeah, he's been the leader for a while, but where exactly has that got them?)This issue has all t...

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