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The New Mutants finally make it back to New York and reunite with X-Factor. Freedom Force had captured Cable, but he was able to escape and injure Freedom Force when the team was distracted by the news of the return of the New Mutants. Cable is able to make it to a helicopter and make his escape. Meanwhile, while the New Mutants get settled back home, Moira MacTaggart delivers crushing news: she wants Wolfsbane back home.


Sitting chained a Washington prison cell, Cable reviews footage of Rusty and Skids escaping with members of the Mutant Liberation Front. Crimson Commando infuriates Cable by insinuating that Rusty and Skids were collaborating with the MLF. They brag about how they found Cable unconscious, with his cybernetic arm disabled; yet he remains confident that he'd have recovered on his own. They insinuate that he was working with the MLF to steal tritium in order to manufacturer hydrogen bombs, and therefore attempt to blackmail Cable into joining Freedom Force or remaining imprisoned as a member of the MLF. However, their interrogation is interrupted by Mystique reporting that X-Factor's ship had just landed in New York.

The New Mutants fly back across the New York, sunset skyline. They are excited to see their home again and are soon exchanging hugs with X-Factor. Wolfsbane holds baby Nathan, while Beast sweeps Boom-Boom off the ground and Sunspot explains Moonstar's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Cable fakes being ill in order to get his guards to move closer. He uses secret darts and acid hidden in his bionic arm to escape.

X-Factor and the New Mutants watch the brutal news footage of Rusty's arrest. Rictor and Wolfsbane start mouthing off about Freedom Force so Iceman cools them down with snowballs thrown at the back of the head, accompanied by a lecture on responsibility. X-Factor fails to contact Freedom Force so Cyclops leaves a passionate message demanding the return of Rusty and Skids. As Freedom Force brainstorms plans on what to do, they are interrupted with the news of Cable's escape. As they blindly run through the door, Cable is able to blindside Pyro and turn his flamethrowers against Blob. Cable then throws himself out of the window, turning only to fire a stolen gun to stop Blob from following him.

Back inside Ship's training room, Cannonball makes a phone call to his mother explaining his recent adventure in Asgard. Rictor is impressed with how relaxed Mrs. Guthrie seems to react, while Sunspot is determined not to contact his own father. They are all shocked by Boom-Boom's entrance. Wearing a daring new dress, she definitely catches the eyes of the boys. However, she soon grows upset because Rictor pays more attention to Wolfsbane, who is hugging a photograph of her adoptive mother. Wolfsbane loves Moira McTaggert, but laughs as she confesses that the New Mutants were her family now. Boom-Boom is irritated by the sweet sentiment and becomes jealous since Wolfsbane seems to be stealing Rictor away. Angry and hurt, she hurls a small time-bomb at the happy couple. The silent feud is diffused by Wolfsbane who admits that she could never be so daring as to wear such a revealing dress as Boom-Boom.

Back in Washington, Blob leaps down from the window and gives chase to the rogue Cable. He cries out to warn Silver Sabre in time to prevent him from running into a trip-wire at head height, although his neck gets severely cut. It buys Cable enough time to run for the helicopter pad.

Meanwhile, a leather-clad Moira MacTaggert answers a video conference call with Wolfsbane. The other New Mutants are surprised by Moira's vampish appearance, while Wolfsbane gushes with excitement about her adventures in Asgard with Prince Hrimhari. Moira grows angry and demands Wolfsbane immediately return to Scotland. Wolfsbane is left in tears with Rictor at her side to comfort her.

Cable reaches the helicopter pad and fires at Freedom Force as he flies away. Freedom Force commits to following and reapprehending Cable.

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The cover says it all: This is where the book is headed.  They could have shown a multitude of things: Wolfsbane crying during a video conference with Moira; a reunion with X-Factor; Warlock wondering why the girls get into a tiff.  Nope, the cover is of the mysterious Cable.  This makes sense, however, because the New Mutants don't really do anything (besides call home and get bad news from Moira, but that's at the end of the issue) and Cable is going to become a huge part of their lives very s...

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