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Moonstar declared that the New Mutants must have died from the poisonous fumes and that a tiny portion of her former self was crying for them. Hela held the completed Uru sword aloft victoriously. However, the New Mutants were secretly hidden within the clouds of smoke and protected by Cannonball's blast field. As the gases had begun to pour through the blast field they flew back up to the ledge but found a small troll there. He began screaming for his mistress, so Rictor used his power on the ledge causing the monster to fall into the crevice.Tiwaz showed Boom-Boom, Hrimhari and Warlock images of Moonstar and the Uru sword. Boom-Boom asked why Tiwaz didn't cast a spell to stop Hela, but he admitted that he wasn't powerful enough. They began to plot. Hrimhari reasoned that the Warriors Three would provide help. Tiwaz' magic dome showed the Warriors Three at the mercy of Queen Ula and her swarm of trolls. Boom-Boom became unsettled again. Tiwaz provided Warlock with a map to Queen Ula's kingdom, and Boom-Boom took a moment to thank Tiwaz for saving them. She also admitted that while she made a lot of mistakes, she promised to save Asgard. They left Tiwaz to marvel at the strange combination of a mortal, wolf-prince and alien.

Meanwhile, Hildy, Kev and Signe approached Thor's magical chariot-goats as they feasted on grass in a field. Hildy explained the situaton and how none of the grown-up Asgardians believed them. The goats lowered their heads in an indication for the children to climb on. They then leapt through the skies, hitting clouds with thunderbolts. As they approached Karnilla's kingdom they observed the local population had been turned into stone (see the Balder limited series). The goats landed and the children interrupted a romantic moment between Balder and Karnilla. Again the children explained what had been going on, and Balder reached for his sword. Karnilla was sad that none of her spells had managed to cure her people, but then she had an idea.

Back in the maximum security prison, the Vulture received a mysterious package. It was a replica of his wings, but he recognised the workmanship of the Tinkerer. Rusty saw the Vulture with his wings and burned through the bars of his own cell to stop him. However, the Vulture also received a bomb and detonated the wall. Rusty managed to grab the Vulture around the ankles and was pulled into the air.

Warlock flew the little team to Queen Ula's kingdom. There they found the Warriors Three about to be executed, so Boom-Boom distracted them with a giant time-bomb on the other side of the sacrificial platform. Warlock transformed into a blimp and the Warriors Three climbed on-board. Volstagg was too heavy to lift, and Boom-Boom enjoyed a moment holding on to Fandral as they tried to heave their volumptuous friend on-board. From afar, Tiwaz cast a magic spell that reduced Volstagg to less than a foot tall. Warlock took to the air, but Queen Ula and her hive followed them. Queen Ula believed that Odin had commanded the Valkyrior to kidnap her soldiers, but the Warriors Three scoffed at the accusation. Boom-Boom tried to explain Hela's plans, but none of the Asgardians believed mortals. However, they believed Hrimhari since he was a wolf-prince. Therefor the Warriors Three, Queen Ula and her swarm all joined with the New Mutants and flew back towards Hel.

In Hel, Cannonball's team of New Mutants observed Hela's armies as they prepared to siege Asgard. They realised that Moonstar would easily slip away from the battle to murder Odin so they would have to tackle her directly.

Meanwhile, the children of Volstagg took the opportunity to watch some powerful magic being cast. However, Karnilla's spell failed again. Her people remained stone. However, Tiwaz continued to watch things from afar, and cast a spell of his own to boost hers. Slowly a statue began to move his hand and then bowed before his mistress. Later, Karnilla explained to her re-animated people that she was leaving them to go into battle. Her people dedicated themselves to follow her in battle and use their new-found stone-based strength to help.

Cannonball and the others had stolen hooded-capes and acquired winged-steeds to chase Moonstar undetected. Eitri noticed, and tried to show Kindra what the others were doing to give her hope. However, the guards beat him for talking. Angry, Eitri confided in his daughter that he had a secret to help the New Mutants defeat Hela.

Balder, Karnilla and her statue-people prepared for battle as they saw a cloud of soldiers approaching. A battle was quickly avoided as they recognised the Warriors Three. Queen Ula's swarm then joined forced with Queen Karnilla's stone people. Hildy proudly boasted to Boom-Boom how they had found an army to help, and Volstagg returned to his full size (crushing poor Warlock's hand). The joyous reunion was then interrupted by a flash in the sky as Hela led her tainted Valkrior into battle.

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