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The Frost Giant dropped Hrimhari, Warlock and Boom-Boom when one of her time-bombs exploded in it's face. Boom-Boom was knocked unconscious so Warlock and Hrimhari had to stop the Frost Giant from stepping on her. However, it grabbed Warlock and threatened to crush his head until a giant taller than him froze him in ice.

Hela had watched the whole thing from the safety of Hel. Seeing the giant stranger defeat the Frost Giant enraged her. The captured New Mutants realised that it meant good news if she was so angry, but Hela pushed Eitri hard to finish forging the new death-sword. Wolfsbane was sad that Hela's plan rested on Mirage to slay Odin since she was the only mortal Valkyrie. Mist began to fear that she would betray the New Mutants if they didn't stop Hela soon, but Sunspot was unable to break the mystically bound chains. The New Mutants were frustrated, but realised that they could steal the sword.

Boom-Boom regained consciousness. She didn't see the living ice statues surrounding them, and mistook her gigantic saviour for another Frost Giant. However, he caught her time-bomb and transformed it into a living ice fairy. Amazed by the pretty transformation, Boom-Boom stopped freaking out and Hrimhari begged the forgiveness of Tiwaz; the sorcerer who they had been searching for.

However, Eitir had finished forging the Uru sword. Sunspot was unable to break their chains, but Rictor was able to shatter the iron by vibrating on a molecular level. Cannonball then divided the team; Mist, Wolfsbane and Sunspot were to find the Einherjar, while Cannonball & Rictor planned to steal the sword. Wolfsbane used her lupine senses to detect any guards, and Mist would then take the lead to trick them. However, the soldiers guarding the Einherjar realised that Mist didn't burn as intensely as the other Valkyrie and they were forced to fight. Wolfsbane managed to unlock the cell door, and the Einherjar joined the fight & easily defeated their guards.

Meanwhile, Hela began to cast deadly spells on the sword. Cannonball saw the recently released Einherjar approaching and waited for them to distract Hela before he & Rictor flew through the chamber and snatched the sword. Upon landing, they re-united with the other New Mutants. Moonstar pursued them, but Rictor caused a cave-in to slow her down. The New Mutants ran till they reached a three-way fork in the road. Mist struggled with the pain and couldn't remember which way to go. When she finally led them along a path, it turned out to be a dead end several thousand feet above a crevice filled with poisonous gases.

Rusty patiently waited in his maximum security prison cell. He had been reading the newspaper article about Nitro's up-coming hearing an the controversy about how Nitro had beenheld unconscious in a canister to prevent him from detonating. The prisoners in the neighbouring cells became animated as the Vulture was led to his cell. The Vulture was angry at the disrespect he received because of his age, and bragged that they would all regret it when he broke free and unleashed Nitro on New York.

Back on the ledge in Hel, the New Mutants were trapped as Moonstar and Hela's minions approached. Mist then made a gesture to suggest that she had turned, and pushed the New Mutants over the edge, with the Uru sword. However, Hela manifested in time to catch the sword and accused Mist of purposefully trying to destroy the weapon. She then handed the sword to Moonstar with the instruction to use it to slay any surviving New Mutants. Moonstar soon returned informing her mistress that she couldn't find any trace of the New Mutants. "Nightwind" was starting to suffer from the effect of the poisonous gases and therefore they must have perished.

Meanwhile, Hildy and the other children of Volstagg had been discovered in the prison cell. They tried to explain why they were there, but the Visior refused to believe them. He sent them home, but the children had other plans.

Hela continued to cast her deadly spells on the Uru sword. The strength of the spells began to shake the whole of Asgard. The children of Volstagg fell into the grassy field, while ice fell from the roof of Tiwaz's chamber. He informed the New Mutants that Hela intended to slay Odin during his Odinsleep, and that such a dangerous weapon would have the power to destroy even the tree of life.

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