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Note: This is a continuation of the story from New Mutants #79.

Warlock was stuck in Hela's warp spell. Although stuck in mid-air, he still held on to Boom-Boom & Prince Hrimhari. Boom-Boom went to kick them free, but as soon as she came in to contact with the power-warp it electrocuted the three of them. Hrimhari grew angry with her ignorance, so she resorted to using a time-bomb.

On the other side of the energy-warp, Mist apeared to challenge the other New Mutants. Cannonball flew to attack her, but she whispered to him that she still retained her own mind before throwing him back at the others. Cannonball then told the others not to resist Mist and they begrudgingly acted as hostages when Hela arrived and Mist handed them over. However, Boom-Boom's time-bomb was heard exploding above them, and Hela sent a hoard of dragons after them.

Back at the energy-warp, Hrimhari blamed Boom-Boom for drawing the unwanted attention of Hela's minions. She continued to use her bombs to destroy the monsters, and eventually blasted Warlock free. Hrimhari guided them towards the heart of Asgard.

Back in the depths of Hel, Sunspot was complaining that they were having to trust a Valkyrie. When they were welcomed into Hel by the giant wolf Garm, Wolfsbane became terrified. Garm taunted them by welcoming them in and threatening to never let them leave. Rictor prevented the guards from shoving her around and comforted her. He told her to look away and think of something else, but she admitted that Garm's face was the devilish reflection she saw of her own lupine appearance. They then began to discuss Rictor's feelings for Boom-Boom, since he as glad she wasn't there to see Garm too. Wolfsbane was surprised since she though Boom-Boom was selfish and self-assured, but Rictor had seen through her act as sheer bravado. As they walked on Mist forced the New Mutants into a secret crevice to hide from Hela's guards, but immediately collapsed from the pain. She explained that she had fairy-blood on her mother's side, which enabled her to resist Hela's spell for a longer period in a similar way to Mirage. She regained her compsure and led them to a warp that was a short-cut to Hela's chamber.

Meanwhile, Warlock flew through the window crashing in Odin's bed chamber. Hrimhari advised that they should approach him carefully, but he couldn't wake Odin. Suddenly one of Odin's guards lifted them off his feet and informed them that Odin was in the Odinsleep. He doubted their story and Hrimhari's identity so he imprisoned them to be dealt with when Balder the Brave returned. What they didn't know was that their entrance had attracted the attention of Hildy, Kev & Signe; the children of Volstagg from the Warriors Three. The children ra nto the prison window where they listened to the three prisoners inside. Hrimhari had to explain the Odinsleep to Boom-Boom. He insisted that the best thing to do was await Balder's return, but he didn't know how long that would take. Boom-Boom then questionned Hrimhari about his relationship with Wolfsbane, but he admitted that they had responsibilities that kept them apart. Boom-Boom complained again about Asgard and likened herself to Dorothy Gale in Oz. When she mentioned the ruby slippers Hildy chimed in saying she didn't have those but offered to help. They exchanged greetings and places. Boom-Boom created a hole large enough to escape through and the children climbed down into the cell to act as goodwill hostages in their place. Hildy informed them that the Warriors three were on a mission while Balder was visiting the Norn Queen Karnilla. Hildy then gave them a rope & told them to seek a great sorcerer who could bring ice-statues to life. Hrimhari and the children continued to exchange pleasantries until Warlock urged them to hurry up and escape.

Back on Earth, Rusty & Skids were still inside Skids' force-field. However, tired & hungry Skids collapsed from exhaustion and her shield dropped too. Rusty reacted with his fire powers, but Pyro turned it against him and threatened to burn Skids. Therefore Rusty was forced to give himself over to Freedom Force, but they arrested Skids for aiding and abetting him.

Back in Hel, the New Mutants & Misty ran undetected until they spied Eitri and his dwarves carrying a forge of molten Uru. Misty revealed that the icy depths of Hel shouldn't have such things. Hela then demanded that Eiriti forge a powerful sword capable of killing Odin. Eitri refused, but then Hela's guards brought in his daughter Kindra. The other New Mutants had to hold Cannonball back as he wanted to dive in and save Kindra.

Meanwhile, Warlock flew through ice caves chased by more of Hela's minions. Hrimhari commanded Boom-Boom to use her time-bombs, but she acted stubbornly to his attitude. When he reminded her that the others were counting on them she created a large bomb for him to through at the ice cave's ceiling, crushing their aerial pursuers. They congratulated each other, but as Warlock flew out of the cave he was entangled in a net that was strung over the entrance.

Eitri managed to break free of the guard behind him and rushed to protect his daughter. His action spurred the New Mutants who joined the fray. However, they were outnumbered and soon over-powered. Chained and on their knees, Sunspot taunted Cannonball about how he was meant to be the impetuous one. Wolfsbane remained defiant in the face of Hela, but the Goddess of Hel relished in showing them how their friends had been defeated at the hands of an ice giant. Hela then threatened to kill Kindra and the New Mutants one by one if Eitri refused to forge a sword for her. Eitri immediately began to work at the forge. Hela then commanded Moonstar that since she was mortal, she would be the one to wield the Uru sword and kill Odin.

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