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The New Mutants stood in the ruins of their school (it was destroyed in X-Factor #39 & Uncanny X-Men #243).  They had no idea what had happened and suspected Magneto.  Wolfsbane struggled to understand Illyana as she only spoke Russian.  Mirage's valkyrie ability to see the death glow indicated that there was someone trapped underneath the rubble.  Sunspot lifted up a huge segment of wall, but was suddenly attacked by Sabretooth who had been trapped underneath.  Cannonball's quick thinking and blasting power pushed Sabretooth away.  He fell weak agains tthe floor and introduced himself.  Sabretooth's voice faded away and Warlock pronounced that he had died, but Mirage wasn't so sure since she didn't see Death come to collect him.  However, the others reminded her that her valkyrie powers had been acting up and she admitted that she still had an intense headache.

Suddenly the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club arrived.  Although they were hovering several feet above the New Mutants, Sunspot picked up a large metallic pillar from the remains and hurled it at Magneto while pronouncing that they would no longer listen to him.  Magneto easily swept the debris aside in mid air, and Sebastian Shaw descended to the ground to tackle Sunspot one-on-one.  He knocked Sunspot backwards.  Cannonball flew at Shaw, but flew into a metal wall that Magneto constructed.  Selene stood over Cannonball's collapsed body, but instead of draining his life-force her own body became withered and grey.  It was a physical manifestation of her greatest fear courtesy of Mirage's mutant power, but the White Queen telepathically attacked her.  Being a creature of living circuitry, Warlock was immune to the White Queen's powers and shocked her with a fierce alien shape.  

The fight between the New Mutants and the Inner Circle came to an end when Magneto wrapped them up in a giant metallic ball constructed from the remains of the school.  He demanded to know who the little girl was, and where Magik had got to.  When Illyana spoke in Russian he immediately realised who she was and was outraged.  The New Mutants did their best to explain how the Darkchilde had sacrificed herself (see New Mutants #73) and that they intended to leave Magneto's school.  They confronted him with the knowledge that he had been talking with N'astirh during the Infero and had over-heard other things (such as the power inhibitors he authorised in New Mutants #67).

Shaw seized upon the opportunity.  He declared that without any students, Magneto had nothing and should therefore be cast out of the Hellfire Club.He struck Magneto and started another fight (see the previous issue).  Mangeto fell backwards, but sent a hail of metallic debris flying at Shaw.  Shaw lifted the ground from under Magneto's feet, but the Master of Magnetism flew out of harms way.  He then made the floor curl into a long club and rammed Shaw with it.  All the while Magneto ranted about how he recognised that he could not teach the New Mutants in the same methods that Charles Xavier had established.  From trapped inside their metallic bubble the New Mutants suddenly understood that why Magneto's attitude towards them had changed so drastically; the he was grooming them to be his personal army.  He did not require their love, he just wished to keep them from any foolish heroics that would possibly kill them, as had happened with the X-Men in Dallas.  The New Mutants were convinced not to trust Magneto any more.

The fight between Shaw and Magneto raged on.  Shaw continued to absorb the kinetic energy and would break free from any metallic prison that Magneto would wrap around him.  Shaw considered all mutant teams such as Alpha Flight, Marauders, X-Men and even the Gonshan mutates as major investments to make.  Magneto raged that the mutates of genosha would rise up and overthrown their human masters.  He wanted mutants to fight other mutants to winnow out the foolish heroics.  He was more concerned with battling the legends of martyrs like the X-Men, and taunted Shaw that he wasn't a legend.

However, Shaw had secretly placed a device in his suit to reverse the magnetic polarity in the area, sending Magneto flying backwards through the air.  He landed near the New Mutants' metallic prison, and Warlock considered breaking out to help his former headmaster.  Cannonball reminded him that after everything they'd heard, Magneto was as dangerous and villainous as the rest of the Hellfire Club.  As Shaw stood over Magneto, Magneto declared that it was time to recruit a new army.  With that, he buried them both in a barrage of metal.  At first Selene thought he'd killed himself and Shaw, but moments later the debris cleared away and Magneto emerged carrying Shaw's unconscious body.  He had over-loaded Sebastian Shaw's ability to absorb energy.

Shaw was tossed on the floor, from where he declared that Magneto should be expelled from the Hellfire Club.  Naturally Magneto claimed that it should be Shaw who should be removed.  When asked for her vote, the White Queen recalled the Nimrod that had killed Leland & Von Roehm and that such a machine had obviously been connected with the Sentinel programme that Shaw had invested in.  Therefore she sided with Magneto.  The deciding vote was passed to Selene, and the White Queen reminded her that without Shaw's interference she would be able to rule over the Amazon region.  Therefore Selene voted against Sebastian Shaw, while continuing to plot against the White Queen.  Sebastian Shaw stormed away from the site of Xavier's School for the Gifted.  Magneto then dictated that there would  not be another Black King to replace Shaw.  Instead he would merge the positions of White & Black King to become the first Grey King of the Hellfire Club.

Magneto then turned his attention back to the New Mutants.  Still trapped inside the metal sphere they rejected his leadership.  Magneto lifted his hand and used his power on the metal cage.  To their surprise, he let them go free.  He gave them a final speech on how he hoped they would join him in time.  Sunspot cried that they would never join him, but Magneto taunted him saying that Sunspot would be the first to change his mind.

Warlock transformed into a helicopter and flew the New Mutants away from their destroyed school.  The White Queen telepathically spoke with Magneto saying that the New Mutants knew a little of their involvement in South America.  He was pleased to have his suspicions confirmed, but was confident that the New Mutants didn't know exactly what they were planning.  They also telepathically schemed to remove Selene from her position of Black Queen, even though she was stood next to them.

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