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Sym stood on Darkchilde's body as he reached for her Soulsword.  She forced him out of the window behind them and sent him crashing down onto the street.  She leapt upon Sym and cut his head off.  However, he was able to pull himself back together thanks to the transmode virus.  He continued to push his attack on her, but her spells sent him backwards into the wall.  The fight raged on.

Near Times Square, Mirage, Rusty & Skids watched their team-mates fly off.  However, the buildings and the road became animated and attacked them.  Far from powerless, the X-Terminators & New Mutants used their own mutant abilities to destroy anything that attacked them.  

Meanwhile below Colossus marched through the streets.  He interrogated minor demons to discover the location of his sister, but discovered that Sym had overthrown Limbo.  Caught unawares, the demons then piled onto Colossus.

And on the rooftop of the Hellfire Club, the Inner Circle battled demons.  Magneto was confronted by N'astirh who offered a pact to rule the Earth between them.  N'astirh then informed Magneto of the battle for power that over-threw Darkchilde's rule.  The New Mutants flew by overheard and saw Magneto discussing matters with N'astirh.  They realised that they were most likely making a deal, and flew on determined to have nothing to do with their headmaster any more.

Sym's battle with the Darkchilde was interrupted when Colossus' armoured body was thrown into the battle.  Sym threatened to kill Colossus for a second time, and even though she wasn't sure if he really was her brother Darkchilde fought to protect him.  The flashes from the fight were seen by the combined New Mutants & X-Terminators over head.  They flew closer and were surprised to see Darkchilde completely wrapped in her Eldritch Armour.  However, they crashed into a local possessed pawn shop.  Suddenly Sym fell backwards through the window with Colossus pushing crushing him.  Colossus demanded to know where his sister was, and Sym relished in the moment as he revealed that Darkchilde was Illyana.  Darkchilde cringed, embarrassed that her beloved brother saw her like this.  In shame, she teleported away, with the New Mutants & X-Terminators leaping into stepping disc behind her.  They landed back in Belasco's throne room.  The New Mutants explained the basic rules of Limbo to Boom-Boom & Rictor, while Darkchilde cringe in shame.

Back on Earth, Colossus continued to fight the demons and punched Sym back out through the pawn shop window and across the street.  As their fight raged on, in Limbo Wolfsbane implored Darkchilde to return to Earth.  Darkchilde refused, claiming that was what caused the power vacuum in the first place.  The demons picked her up off the floor and carried her over to Belasco's throne where she sat as ruler of Limbo.

On Earth, Colossus was slowly being overcome by the demons.  And outside the church the remaining X-Terminators and New Mutants fought off he demon hoards.  As a valkyrie Mirage began to see the dealthy image above Rusty, Skids and herself.  She collapsed unable to fend it off, and was caught by Artie & Leech.

In Limbo, Darkchilde's increased power allowed her to create a newer and greater scrying glass.  Through it she watched the fight between Colossus and Sym, Manhattan's demon invasion and Mirage collapsing all at the same time.  Determined to do something to stop the Inferno, Darkchilde began to glow pure radiant white light.  The other New Mutants chased after Wolfsbane.  She refused to give up on Darkchilde's innocence and therefore ran until she found a chamber filled with floating stepping discs.  Warlock & Cannonball grabbed her before she was able to throw herself into one.  She broke down in tears as she revealed her plan; Wolfsbane had hoped to find the little child of Illyana they had seen previously (see New Mutants #71).  She realised that future, past & present were all connected in Limbo and wanted to save both Darkchilde and Limbo by saving Illyana as a little girl.  So she leapt into the first stepping disc and the others followed her.

The fell into a barren field in Limbo.  Sunspot grabbed Wolfsbane by the arm imploring her not to get them even more lost.  However, Wolfsbane acknowledged how scared of Limbo she was and therefore thought of how terrified little Illyana must have been.  She then found another stepping disc and dived in.  Again the others followed her through the disc.  They landed in the middle of a group of transmode infected demons.  Leaping through another stepping disc, Wolfsbane found little Illyana and grabbed her before falling through yet another light disc.  As the New Mutants landed, they were confronted with Darkchilde.  

Glowing do brightly that they could barely see her, Darkchilde was horrified to see her younger self and swatted Illyana away.  Darkchilde's light grew even more intense as her power grew stonger.  Her Eldritch Armour fell away from her and she stood towering as a fiery demon girl made of pure power.  Darkchilde stepped towards young Illyana and raise the Soulsword to execute her younger self in order to prevent it all from happening.  Wolfsbane threw her arms around little Illyana and implored Darkchilde not to murder her own innocence.  Wolfsbane reminded Darkchilde that she had a choice, which played on her mind.  Darkchilde recalled how N'astirh mocked concepts of good & evil among demons.  She had learnt to distrust what demons had told her, while she knew she could believe Wolfsbane.

Therefore Darkchilde decided to take herself out of the equation and remove the choice.  The floor began to glow and Darkchilde radiated even brighter as she teleported them all back to Times Square.  The stepping disc grew over the city and sucked all the demons back to Limbo.  In the heart of the falling demons, Darkchilde threw her Soulsword straight up into the air.  It pierced the dark night sky, while Darkchilde herself was lost in the blinding light.  Wolfsbane panicked as she lost her hold of little Illyana.

Nearby by, Colossus' battle ended when Sym was magically dragged back through the stepping disc.  The remaining X-Terminators and New Mutants watched as the demons flew passed the church.  Gosamyr appeared from inside and offered to stay behind to watch the babies while Mirage, Rusty & Skids ran to Times Square.

In Times Square, the blinding light finally subsided and in the dust Wolfsbane found the crushed Edlritch Armour.  Colossus ran up and began to despair for his little sister.  Cannonball's tears streamed down his cheeks.  Mirage arrived and wrapped her arms around Wolfsbane to console her.  Colossus crouched down and picked up the crushed Eldritch Armour.  However, a small voice from inside called his name.

Little Illyana called for help, and Colossus ripped the armour open.  Underneath the metallic shell, Illyana lay curled up.  Upon seeing her big brother, Illyana leapt out and hugged him around the neck.  Wolfsbane looked up and was delighted to see Illyana alive & well.  The little girl ran to Wolfsbane and they hugged with tears of joy.

Cannonball thought about how Darkchilde believed she was empty inside, but he knew that the little innocent girl was inside her all along.  Rictor was confused, asking if it meant that the teenaged Darkchilde had never existed.  Cannonball knew that couldn't be right, because they could clearly remember her and that her sacrifice wasn't in vain.  Wolfsbane clung to little Illyana and promised her a long life filld with joy.

They were all unaware that N'astirh sat on a ledge above them.  He had survived Darkshilde's final spell that forced all the demons back to Limbo.  He turned his attention to the top of the Empire State Building to the souls of baby Nathan Christopher Summers and his mother Madelyn Pryor, the Goblyn Queen.

Note: This is the final chapter of the New Mutants' & X-Terminators' involvement in the Inferno.  However, N'astirh's plans continued in Uncanny X-Men #242 & X-Factor #38.

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No One Promised A Happy Ending...  The events of Inferno draw to a close, and the life of Illyana Rasputin will never be the same, again. The New Mutants and their new friends the X-Terminators battle demons in search of Magik, who is quickly losing her humanity to the darkness within her own soul. A brutal battle wages on the streets of New York City between Illyana ...

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