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Demons poured through a giant stepping disc portal, which was being held open by a giant inverted pentagram in the sky above Manhattan. Darkchilde wailed as she realised that N'Astirh had used her to send Limbo to New York, but he delighted in the fact that she had accepted her true power. The demons adored her and bowed before her. Sym arrived and was outraged to see her being given such respect. He grabbed her by the wrist and threw her around. N'astirh demanded that he release Darkchilde, but Sym cancelled their agreement.

The two demons began to fight. They were both strong, but N'astirh relied more on his magic spells. However, he couldn't hit Sym because of his malleable transmode infected body. He nearly hit Darkchilde instead. Sym taunted N'astirh knowing that his magic was spread thinly. Darkchilde teleported away when the fight came to an end.

The rest of the New Mutants watched her disappear and wondered what to do about the portal. Gosamyr spotted tiny planes flying around the inverted pentagram that held the portal open. Realising that the demons were flying after the planes to stop them, Warlock gathered up the New Mutants and flew them up to the portal. Looking down, Sunspot saw a demon drop a boy (see X-Terminators # 4).

Darkchylde landed outside a diner that had been corrupted by Limbo's influence. She was dragged inside and watched priests & nuns throw themselves into a blender, the resulting blood juice was offered to her as a drink. Terrified, she teleported away.

In the skies, the New Mutants met the X-Terminators. The two teams thought themselves to blame, and explained what was happening. The aerial New Mutants offered to take over the X-Terminators' mission to save the mutant babies who were held in the pentagram. N'astirh had kidnapped them to power his portal spell, and the babies were used to hold the corners of the pentagram in place. The X-Terminators then flew back down to the ground to save their team-mate Wiz Kid (see X-Terminators # 4).

Darkchilde arrived outside a warped pet shop. She had intended to return to Times Square, but was pushed inside the pet shop where the demonic animals taunted her. She freed them from their cages, but the animals then begged her to kill them. Trapped inside a giant bird-cage, she teleported away.

Up in the air, Mirage conjured up special gloves to protect Warlock as he scooped the babies out of the pentagram. Flying demons knocked Gosamyr off of Warlock's back, Sunspot dived after her, and another one attacked Mirage. Warlock was able to catch Gosamyr and Sunspot while Wolfsbane caught Mirage.

Darkchilde, still trapped inside the bird-cage, landed in front of an evil barbers shop. The carpet in front of the store pulled her inside and threw her into the barber's chair. The demonic clippers, hairdriers and accessories began to quote various poets about corruption & beauty. Although she had broken free from the bird-cage, Darkchilde was held captive by the barber's chair. It spun her around rapidly while the other accessories tries to give her a demonic make-over.

Warlock passed Wolfsbane the sixth baby, while Sunspot punched demons away. N'astirh was powerless to do anything to protect the pentagram as he was still concentrating on the X-Terminators (see X-Terminators # 4). The distraction left N'astirh open to a punch from Sym. He had infected N'astirh with the transmode virus, but N'astirh grew stronger from the Virus' influence. The two demons continued to fight in an explosion.

The New Mutants saw the explosion below them, but were unable to investigate the causes. Instead the pentagram had disappeared, and the remaining babies began to fall. The New Mutants caught the last of the babies and returned to Earth. They regrouped with the X-Terminators on the steps of a local church. There the teams merged, leaving te wounded and younger members to look after the babies inside the church. Rusty, Skids and Mirage wished the others good luck as they flew off to find Darkchilde and Boom-Boom began to flirt with Cannonball. However, they were soon distracted as they came under attack from possessed buildings.

Meanwhile, N'astirh was infected with the transmode virus, which had saved him from the explosion. Darkchilde grew tired of the demonic barber's chop and used her Soulsword to stop the chair and other haunted appliances. However, the chair bled and was pleased it was dying. The demons bowed before Darkchilde's demonic beauty and explained that even though it just a chair the new demonic reality meant that it was also alive. Darkchilde caught her own reflection in the mirror. It was the first time she had seen what she had become. Distraught and terrified she tried to run away, but was caught by N'astirh. He demanded that she hand over the Soulsword to him, and become his Dark Bride. As soon as Darkchilde began to fight back, she became covered from head-to-toe in her Eldritch Armour. It gave her renewed strength to fight N'astirh, but was unable to hit him due to the transmode virus. Angry at her rejection, N'astirh abandoned Darkchilde claiming that she would desire his embrace after spending time with Sym. Still enveloped in the Eldritch Armour, Darkchilde collapsed on the floor begging for help. Sym appeared in the doorway, with his circuits glinting in the moonlight. He smoked his cigar and smiled at the prospect of having the Darkchilde all to himself.

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