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The New Mutants team up with the X-Terminators to defeat N'astirh's demon horde and to save the babies serving as the portal to Limbo. Meanwhile, Illyana tries to break free of N'astirh's influence but ends up falling further into his trap.

Note: This issue runs concurrently with X-Terminator's #4.


As demons pour from a portal from Limbo, Illyana and the New Mutants cower before N'astirh. Illyana can't understand how N'astirh could back out on his promise of freeing her. N'astirh claims that he has and she only needs to take one more step to achieve her true potential and become worthy to be his bride. S'ym shows up and the two demons begin fighting. Forgotten, the New Mutants get away and take to the skies to save the babies. Illyana teleports away.

In the air, the New Mutants meet up with the X-Terminators and both attempt to free the babies. The X-Terminators see one of their own taking on N'astirh and head down to help. The New Mutants fight off what demons they can and are finally able to free the babies from N'astirh's magic. The portal closes. The team isn't without casualty, however, as Gosamyr and Dani take some pretty nasty hits from the demons.

An explosion below prompts the New Mutants to return to the earth and regroup with the X-Terminators. It seems as if N'astrih absorbed S'ym's techno-organic make-up and then blew himself up. The two teams try to catch their breath, but they realize that they still need to find Illyana. They split up, some staying to help the wounded and the other heading out to find the missing teammate.

Illyana tries to teleport herself to the battle to help her friends. She is restricted, however, to teleporting to odd locations in the city. She first stops at a diner where she is catered to by absurd characters, including tableware and minced angels. They tell her to use her sword. She teleports away to a pet shop and is bombarded by perverted animals that also tell her to use her sword. She refuses. She is caged but manages to teleport away again.

Illyana lands in a barber shop and is forced into a chair and done up by another assortment of sordid demonized utensils. She breaks free and uses her sword to cut up the barber's chair. It bleeds and the utensils turn into demons and applaud her for spilling blood with her sword. N'astirh, not dead but in his new techno-organic form, appears and congratulates Illyana on taking another step towards becoming worthy of being his bride. She embraces her powers and dons her demonic armor and slashes at the demon. He disappears and leaves the exhausted Illyana to S'ym.

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