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Magik tries to teleport the New Mutants but they get stuck in Limbo. S'ym is there with an army and he immediately attacks the youth. He and Magik fight and she seems to get the upper-hand, but S'ym is able to subdue Magik and takes her sword. The demons surround the New Mutants but Magik is able to divine them away with a stepping disc. At their departure, N'Astirh messages S'ym and the two quibble about who will have more power. N'Astirh informs S'ym of the location for the New Mutants.

The New Mutants arrive at the throne of Belasco. Magik admits the shame she has felt, believing that she is responsible for the deaths of the X-Men. The New Mutants are shocked, but also skeptical. S'ym arrives and the New Mutants go through another stepping disc. This time, the team arrives to see a vision of the past. Magik narrates the beatings she had from S'ym and the lessons she had to endure to master her mutant powers and become the ruler of Limbo. Her friends mourn with her, but not for long, as S'ym's army finds them. The New Mutants escape through another stepping disc.

On Earth, the Hellfire Club gathers to survey what is becoming of New York City. Magnus sees binoculars attack a man. When Magnus retaliates, the whole building revolts and dozens of humans die. N'Astirh is shown lording over the chaos.

The New Mutants arrive in front of N'Astirh from the past. He explains that he has summoned her to the past to help her because he loves her. Magik learns that she must take back the Soulsword - the darkest part of her soul - and defeat S'ym. In that way will she be able to transport her friends back to Earth. She reluctantly agrees and young N'Astirh transports the New Mutants to S'ym. Magik fights him and beats him, taking back her sword. She accepts the power it contains and becomes a being of darkness. She harnesses all her power and opens a stepping disc to Earth. She pushes through a magical boundary and the New Mutants land in the heart of New York City. The disc, however, remains opened and demons rain down on the city. N'Astirh thanks Magik for her services - she was the only one who could open the portal while he was the only one who could keep it open...

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