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Sunspot fought against the energy bands of their cage, but they continued to snap back into place holding the New Mutants captive despite his super strength.  Spyder dragged Gosamyr around while he dangled Lila over high ledges and inhaled emotions.  The New Mutants took it in turns to try to escape, but they all failed.  Gosamyr sulked, accepting that she couldn't help tearing the New Mutants apart.

Magneto flew into Manhattan.  When he landed in a side-alley the trash cans and fire-escapes came to life an attacked him.  Using his magnetism, he quickly defeated them and transformed his clothes into a pure white suit.  Upon entering the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw accused him of going soft, while the White Queen consoled him at the loss of his students, and Selene observed the fight for power among the Inner Circle.

Back on Spyder's planet, Gosamyr slumped in her bindings.  Sunspot tried to console her giving her courage to try something different.  Wrapping her wings around her, Gosamyr turned into a bouncing ball of blue light.  She knocked one of the guards over, which Sunspot then kicked into the power generator.  He then found the shivering pile of light and helped Gosamyr to unwrap her wings and become substantial again.  Back in her original state, she blamed herself and asked the New Mutants to leave her behind.  However, Mirage decided that as she'd help to rescue them that they would honour Sunspot's promise to help free her family.  They then fought their way out of the prison and soon found Spyder & Lila.

Spyder stood above several cocoons of silmey silk.  He was waiting for them to hatch.  Lila was terrified claiming that the creatures could destroy worlds.  The New Mutants were puzzled, but Gosamyr fainted as she considered the current state of her family, which alerted Spyder to their presence.  The New Mutants fought with Spyder's guards andCannonball failed in his attempt to snatch Lila from his grasp.  However, the creatures hatched from the giant cocoons and Spyder ordered their immediate termination.  They rapidly grew, toppling Spyder's floating platform.  Darkchilde and Mirage reasoned that Gosamyr must be a larval stage that would grown and evolve into the giant monsters.  The others fought for survival, but they were bound by their promise to Gosamyr to try and save her family.

When the monsters lunged at Lila, and Wolfsbane dived to save her.  They fell out of the way and Cannonball caught them both as Wolfsbane removed the power inhibitor-helmet from Lila.  The New Mutants regrouped to try and plan what to do.  Lila offered to teleport the monsters into the local sun, but Cannonball refused to let her as her powers meant that she would have to teleport with them.  Gosamyr cried for her family; if they had been left to evolve naturally for a millennia then they would have emerged peaceful, but the forced hatching turned them into monsters.  Darkchilde saw herself reflected in Gosamyr's family; turned into a monster because of the evil schemes of others.

The monsters began to attack the New Mutants again.  Lila bade them farewell and asked Wolfsbane to look after Cannonball as she disappeared.  Instantly all the monsters had gone and when they looked up there was an explosion on the surface of the sun.  Cannonball screamed out for his lost love.  Wolfsbane rushed to his side.

Gosamyr confirmed that her family would not have been able to survive the explosion on the sun and wept for them.  Sunspot consoled her.  Spyder appeared and ordered his soldiers to attack the New Mutants.  However Cannonball attacked them in his rage, and had to be pulled back by Warlock.  With Lila gone Darkchilde realised that she was the only means the team had of returning to Earth.  The New Mutants disappeared in a stepping disc and re-appeared in Limbo. 

Sym greeted them in Limbo.  He had finally become master of the realm and commanded the other demons to attack the New Mutants.

Note: This issue comes with a page-sized advert for the Inferno cross-over which was due to start in the next issue.

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