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The New Mutants stood back while Magik tried to re-assemble her scrying glass.  She was able to see Spyder's space ship long enough to determine it's location, but was interupted with a demonic image of herself.  The demons in Limbo rejoiced at the image of Darkchilde, but Magik panicked and the scrying glass shattered.  Mirage, Warlock and Cannonball protected the others from the flying shards of glass.  Magik then sadly admitted that by the time they teleport to the co-ordinates she'd found Spyder's spaceship would be long gone.  Gosamyr began to cry for her family, making Mirage angry.  Mirage then created a plan to teleport the space yacht to the location Magik discovered.  Magik, still distressed by her reflection in the scrying glass, recalled Destiny's prediction that she should leave Earth (see New Mutants #65) and decided that she should search for Lila alone.  They decided to stick together, while Gosamyr was interested to learn of Cannonball's relationship with Lila.  They then teleported onto Gosamyr's space yacht and teleported the yacht into space.

Once on board, Gosamyr left the boys to man the controls while she used a machine to create clothes for herslef & the girls.  She pulled on a web-patterned bodice, while Wolfsbane wore a pink ball-gown.  Mirage was less than impressed with the green poncho & fluffy orange hat she'd been given, and Gosamyr teased her awkward appearance.  She then played to Wolfsbane's desire to look striking like Lila, and gave her a back-combed black wig.  Gosmayr accused Mirage of being a jealous tomboy and convinced Wolfsbane that she looked just like Lila.  Meanwhile, Spyder forced Lila to watch the New Mutants as they began to fall apart.  Even though Lila boasted that the New Mutants would catch Spyder, he taunted her saying that Gosamyr's nature is to destroy those around her by warping their emotions.  He had remained unaffected by her since he didn't have any emotions of his own.

Back on the space yacht, Mirage accompanied the boys as they tried to search for Spyder's ship, while Warlock consoled Magik.  Wolfsbane entered wearing her fancy dress and Lila Cheney wig, but Cannonball treated her like a little kid.  Instead of being impressed with her new appearance, Cannonball was distracted & enchanted by Gosamyr's new outfit.  Both Cannonball and Sunspot lavished all their attention on her, while Warlock tried to warn them to stay away from Gosamyr.

Later, Sunspot and Gosamyr spent time alone on the bridge.  He grew angry as he considered himself to be a failed hero, but she boosted his confidence with a kiss.  Wolfsbane entered the room and found them kissing, but saw Gosamyr look up and wink at her.  Startled & alamred, Wolfsbane ran away.

They soon tracked Spyder's ship as it approached an alien planet.  Warlock fed Gosamyr grapes while Cannonball began to forget about Lila.  Wolfsbane tried to remind him, but he was too infatuated with Gosamyr.  However Gosamyr was more interested in learning more about Mirage's new power to make dreams and nightmares become reality.  However, when Cannonball made a slight innuendo about Gosamyr's desires, Wolfsbane became upset and ran to the observation desk.  Mirage ran after her, and Gosamyr revealed that Wolfsbane had romantic feelings for Cannonball.  He dismissed the claim, stating that Wolfsbane was just a little kid and he was nothing more than a big brother to her.  Gosamyr then left the boys to inform Mirage and Wolfsbane that Spyder's ship had dropped into orbit.  

Wolfsbane was lying down crying about how terrible it as that Cannonball had forgotten about Lila.  Mirage was about to enter the observation deck to console her when Gosamyr found her.  Gosamyr hit Mirage with a hypnotic suggestion that caused her to create Wolfsbane's greatest desire.  Unaware of what she'd done, Mirage was angry at Gosamyr's reasons to follow them both to the observation deck.  Gosamyr then sent Mirage to the bridge by suggesting that the boys could cope without her help.  Mirage ran off, unaware that she had left an illusion of Cannonball in the observation deck.  Gosamyr had a wicked expression on her face when she watched the false Cannonball approach Wolfsbane.  He was dressed as a prince from a fairy tale and presented her with a red rose.  However, Wolfsbane grew frightened at his strong romantic advances and ran away.

Back on the bridge, an alien patrol officer had contacted the space yacht asking for their landing documents.  He gave them twenty seconds to provide the paperwork.  Just then Wolfsbane ran into the room pursued by her idealised image of Cannonball.  She was surprised to see Cannonball in their already, and he was surprised to see himself in the prince charming outfit.  At that instant Mirage had the idea to conjure up the alien's greatest desire.  When the paperwork appeared in the alien's hands, the false Cannonball disappeared.  Wolfsbane grew tearful and angry.  She transformed into her transitional form and leapt at Mirage.

Sunspot pulled Wolfsbane away, while Gosamyr cried out for Mirage to stop hurting Wolfsbane.  Mirage grew angry at Gosamyr and hit her, accusing the alien girl of somehow causing all their problems before she ran away.  However, at that moment Admiral Dupen'th appeared and discovered that the alien patrol officer had been holding a bribe.  Mirage had created his greatest desire, but it wasn't landing documents, it had been a bribe.  When Admiral Dupen'th discovered it he gave the command to destroy the space yacht.

Note:  The issue ended with an advert for the then up-coming X-Terminators mini series, which was connected to the Inferno cross-over.

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