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Cannonball took a solemn oath that if he was allowed to go to the Lila Cheney concert then he wouldn't use his mutant powers at all.  Magneto agreed, and in his excitement Cannonball kicked up a little dust with his blast field.  

In orbit around the Earth, Spyder plotted how he was acquire Lila Cheney.  Unknown to Lila, he had forced the company that Lila was contracted to into bankruptcy so he could buy Lila as an asset.  Spyder taunted Gosamyr, as he had forced her in to slavery in a similar fashion.  He then ordered his accountants to go to Earth to collect Lila.

Backstage at the Glitter Pool, Cannonball and Lila kissed.  He confided in her the promise that he'd made to Magneto, and she re-assured him that she had been taking care of trouble since she was a kid.  Cannonball watched her race on to stage as he considered their age difference and how long a girl like Lila would want to date a kid like him.

Back at the school, the other New Mutants lounged around.  Warlock acted as a mirror for Wolfsbane as she tried to make her hair spikey like Lika Cheney's.  Mirage spun her spirit lance around, making it grow & shrink in size .  Sunspot was concerned that Magneto would discover that her mutant powers had changed  (see New Mutants Annual  # 4), but she continued to proactise.  They then began to argue about whether it was right or wrong for Cannonball to make the promise to Magneto.  Sunspot declared that as the fairer sex Lila should be the damsel in distress, not the one to rescue Cannonball.

Back on Spyder's space ship, Gosamyr slipped off her collar.  She thought she was running away from Spyder, but he monitored her every movement while inhaling emotional essences.  He let her stow away on the accountants' Earth bound shuttle.

The shuttle landed on the toof of the Glitter Pool.  Instantly the alien accountants descended from the roof and went to attack Lila.  The Crowd thought it was all a part of the show and cheered louder.  While performing, Lila was able to dance around, duck and hit back at the invading aliens with relative ease.  However, Cannonball was bound by his promise to Magneto not to use his powers to help.

The other New Mutants heard about the attack on the radio as they listened to a live broadcast of the concert.  Sunspot grew angry and wanted to give Magneto a piece of his mind.  The others stopped him just outside of Magneto's office.  While squabbling on the floor, they overheard their headmaster authorise power neutralisers that were intended for them.  Magik then teleported them to Limbo to change into their New Mutants' outfits and then on to the concert hall.  However, the instant they arrived an alien managed to place a power neutralising helmet on Lila and flew away through a hole in the roof.  Cannonball was then convinced to use his powers again, and the New Mutants fought the remaining alien accountants.  

However, they were unable to stop the accountants from flying off in their shuttle.  As they stood on the roof of the Glitter Pool, Gosamyr floated down behind them asking for help.  She collapsed into Sunspot's arms explained that Spyder controls people through business acquisitions, which was how he came to control her entire family through dealings with her brother.  Gosamyr then explained how she had stowed away on the accountant's shuttle looking for help to free her family.  She then offered the New Mutants use of her tiny space yacht if they would help her too.

The New Mutants quizzed Gosamyr about Spyder.  She explained that their world had sold Lila.  Spyder had gone to Earth to collect Lila when he discovered that his latest asset was missing.  The girls in the New Mutants suspected Gosamyr's intentions, but Sunspot was smitten with their new alien comrade.  He promised to help her without asking the rest of the team.

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