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Relaxing around the kitchen table on the morning after Lila Cheney's launch party , Mirage used her power to pluck out the image of the boys she & Magik had been dancing with before Wolfsbane & Cypher dragged them away (see New Mutants  # 55).  Magma had been too ill to go, but didn't seem to mind that she missed the party.  As she ate her toast, Magma dismissed the boys that Magik & Mirage were drooling over.  This caused Mirage to turn her power on Magma to create an image of her ideal man; to everyone's surprise she created an image of Empath!  Magma was angry, and claimed that Mirage had lost control of her power by creating the image of who she was least like.  Magma stormed out the kitchen, leaving the others behind in bewilderment.  Magik was fed up that there were no decent men around; Warlock & Sunspot had runaway (see the Fallen Angels mini series), Cannonball was dating Lila Cheney and she considered Cypher to be a baby.  

Magma was crying in her room.  She read the letter from her father over and over again.  He had summoned her back to Nova Roma to marry a boy she had never met before.  Yet she was torn with her conflicting emotions for Empath, who was a villain but was also an aristocrat of Roman descent.  

Across town at the Hellfire Club, the Hellions were enjoying breakfast.  The television showed clips from Lila's launch party, and Empath was jealous that Lila was dating Cannonball.  When Tarot tried to tease him about his emotions for Magma, he turned his powers on her causing her to love him.  Thunderbird stopped him, but they were soon interrupted by the news report; Cannonball's escape from Raek had sent him crashing through the tower that the Bird Boy was held in.  Bird Boy had escaped, and they recognised Cannonball's blast field from the news footage.  As they raced through the Hellfire Club to change into their Hellion uniforms, the White Queen pulled Empath aside.  She warned him to be more subtle with his powers to catch her a 'prize'.  Tarot over-heard and presumed that the White Queen wanted the Bird Boy.

Back at Xavier's School for the Gifted, the girls were offering the boys a chance to fight in a Star Wars simulated Danger Room sequence, but found them watching the news item about Bird Boy's escape.  realising that it was Cannonball's mistake, they all ran to change into their graduation uniforms to catch the Bird Boy.  Mirage stopped by Magma's room to tell her which outfit to wear, causing Magma to snap back at her about her use of psychic powers.

The Hellions used their powers to sneak out of the Hellfire Club, even though Empath knew that the White Queen was happy for them to go.  He turned his powers on Tarot, and again he was warned not to by Thunderbird.  Tarot then drew the Lovers card from her deck, and teased Empath that it was in honour of his feelings for Magma.  The card then manifested into a giant angel-like creature and flew the Hellions across the city.

The New Mutants flew with the help of Cannonball and Brightwind.  Magik teleported them to the World Trade Center where they soon spotted the Bird Boy as he swooped into the bay for fish.  Mirage used her power to conjure an image of fish & worms, what the Bird Boy was most hungry for.  However they were soon interrupted by the arrival of the Hellions.  The Bird Boy fled, and the Lovers card went to knock the New Mutants off Brightwind.  

They landed safely on a pier, and regrouped.  Mirage commanded Magma to climb on Brightwind, which Magma resented.  They flew off with Cannonball, instructing Cypher, Magik & Wolfsbane to find a way to lure the Bird Boy.  In the air, Cannonball & Jetstream began to race each other to get to the Bird Boy first.  Tarot summoned more cards to attack Brightwind, but Magma sent a lava blast threw the air destroying Tarot's deck.  The monsters disappeared, and the Hellions began to fall.  Using their powers they were all saved and managed to fly off on the manifested Devil card.  Mirage and Mamga flew in an opposite direction, having sent the Hellions chasing one of Mirage's illusions.  Meanwhile below, Magik had teleported huge amounts of fish to lure the Bird Boy.

Cannonball & Jetstream were still racing through the air.  Mirage & Magma joined them on Brightwind, but were soon followed by the rest of the Hellions.  The Devil card attacked Brightwind causing him to fall into an alley.  Once on the floor, Magma destroyed the rest of Tarot's deck with another lava blast.  Mirage lay unconscious so Thunderbird went to check on her.  Magma over-reacted and threatened to attack the Hellions with molten magma if he didn't put Mirage down.  Thunderbird commanded Empath to control Magma, but she fought his powers.  Since she was already conflicted over her feelings for him, she was able to fight off his amorous manipulations.  Magma then appealed to Empath, who then thurned his powers on Thunderbird instead.  Thunderbird ashamedly put Mirage back on the ground saying he didn't mean to hurt her & that he was worried for her.  Magma caught Mirage, and thanked Empath saying she had misjudged him.

The other New Mutants teleported into the alley with a huge mound of fish.  Wolfsbane rushed to Mirage's side, and began to exchange insults with Thunderbird.  The Hellions considered that they were still even with the New Mutants, but Wolfsbane snapped that Bird Boy's life wasn't a game.  However, when they looked up, Cannonball caught Bird Boy around the knees in mid flight.  They crashed into the pile of fish and Magik instantly teleported them to the Danger Room.  Tarot taunted Empath that he had lost the White Queen's prize, but he calmly assured her that it wasn't the Bird Boy who the White Queen was after.

In the Danger Room Magik teleported into the control booth and ran through a bunch of different scenarios to find one that the Bird Boy was comfortable in.  He liked a tropical island, and began to eat the fish.

Magma stepped aside form the others.  Mirage apologised for teasing her earlier, saying the way that she was able to resist Empath must mean that he wasn't her true heart's desire, after all.  However, Magma made the shocking announcement; she was leaving Xavier's School for the Gifted to attend the White Queen's Massachusetts Academy. 

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