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Sunspot was the first New Mutant to wake.  The others lay unconscious in Limbo.  Suddenly some demons began to crawl around.  Sunspot could hear them planning to eat the New Mutants before they recognised them as Magik's friends.  He tried to conjur up his mutant strength, but was unable to and remained hidden as the demons dragged Magik away.  He considered leaving Magik to their mercy, but decided that they needed Magik to return to Earth.  He stumbled into some Limbo water, delaying him.  So by the time he arrived at the tower, Magik was stretched out on a sacrificial table.  Just as Sunspot was about to improse, Sym snatched him by the back of his collar.  Sunspot was powerless and unable to stop the demons as they plunged the Soulsword into Magik's chest. Suddenly she appeared perfectly healthy and in a demonic red & white outfit.  Sym explained that the sword cured their mistress, and Magik was clearly touched by Sunspot's efforts to 'save' her.

They teleported to the rest of the team who were starting to wake.  In an effort to make them feel a bit more at ease while in Limbo she conjured up a replica of a room from Xavier's mansion.  However, she explained that all her spells had an increasing demonic twist to them, and the room was decorated with demons and bones.  They then turned their attention to Warlock.  His fear was so raw that it accidentally triggered Mirage's power.  An image of Magus appeared and Warlock melted into a screaming puddle.  As Mirage ran crying into Cannonball's arms, Warlock begged Wolfsbane & Cypher to leave him there to die.  Mirage stated that her people were used to fighting losing battles, and Cannonball added that his ancestors had fought the Confederacy.  They had agreed to stand and fight, but they still didn't ave a plan.  However, before they had the chance to think of anything, the flood began to crumble beneath them.  

Magus' finers ripped the ground from underneath the New Mutants and he began to attack them.  Magma failed to melt him, Karma failed to posses him, and Mirage failed to frighten him with the image of what scared him the most; Warlock.  As a final resort, Magik blindly teleported them out of Limbo.

Back at the school, Moira MacTaggert looked at a photograph of her & Wolfsbane.  Magneto startled her by floating kitchen utensils through the air.  He still held on to the hope that the New Mutants would return.  Moira was convinced that they were dead, but Magneto noted that Brightwind wouldn't have remained on Earth if Mirage had died.

The New Mutants landed in the middle fo a grassy green field.  They thought it was North America, but suddenly they were charged by English soldiers on horseback.  They were chasing two Scottish men, and quickly killed one of them.  The New Mutants quickly powered up to defend the sole survivor.  With their amazing powers they mistaken for demons.  Wolfsbane transformed into a wolfk, Sunspot rippled with crackling black energy, Karma possessed one Knight before he struck Magik, and Magik created a stepping disc into Limbo.  However, instead of summoning a demon, a techno-organic tentacle grabbed an English knight, infected him & his steed with the transmode virus and destroyed them both immediately.  The English retreated, and the New Mutants met their new comrade; Robert the Bruce.  They had travelled back in time and across the world where they had come face-to-face with the famous Scottish king.

They were taken back to a small castle nearby, where the king kindly complimented Wolfsbane.  being the only Scottish member of the New Mutants, she received greater amounts of his attention.  She received a beautiful jewelled necklace with a large emerald inset.  As Warlock cowered in the corner, the others compared their own situation to that of Robert the Bruce.  The were only small and vastly over-powered by their enemies, but the Scottish king refused to give up hope.  Sunspot, who had been dressed in a shirt and kilt, voiced the opinion that they should stay in Scotland to help Robert the Bruce.  However, the moral and historical implications were too great for their own comfort & glory.  They also realised that if Magus could follow them to Limbo, then there was the distinct possibility that he could find them in historic Scotland.  

Sunspot grew frustrated with their continual running, but Robert the Bruce gave them hope.  He wanted to flee to live an easy life, but lived up to his responsibilities.  Cypher asked why he wasn't afraid of them, having appeared out of nowhere with frightening powers.  Robert the Bruce admitted that he didn't know whether they were children or demons, but was honoured to have the New Mutants as his friends.  Sunspot stated that they wouldn't be good friends if they caused Magus to follow them there, and therefore he offered to go to Limbo first to scout for any signs of Magus.  Magik argued that as it was her realm that she should go.  However, Warlock finally spoke up and volunteered to see if his father was still in Limbo.  They wished him luck and bade farewell to Warlock as he stepped into the light disc.  Moments later his head reappeared and he gleefully announced that there was no sign of Magus.  

Just before dawn broke, Robert the Bruce set off to face his own destiny.  Wolfsbane recalled the story where Robert the Bruce found inspiration from watching a spider repeatedly build a web after having failed so many times while locked inside a prison cell.  As Mirage was about to tease Wolfsbane about her little pep talk, she noticed that Wolfsbane's belt was missing.  She confessed that it was only proper to give something in exchange for the beautiful necklace.  Robert the Bruce rode away with his new X branded belt as the sun rose, and the New Mutants teleported into Limbo.

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