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As a heavy piece of Moira MacTaggert's laboratory equipment was about to fall on top of her & Wolfsbane, David Haller gave control of his body to Jack Wayne the telekinetic.  Jack teased them saying how David had a soft sport for Wolfsbane & therefore wanted to save her.  However, Jack wouldn't relinquish control over David's body.  Instead he had Cyndi ignite the lab and left Moira & Wolfsbane behind as the room exploded.

It was middle of the night back at Xavier's School for the Gifted, and Mirage had fallen asleep in her clothes.  She woke screaming for Moira MacTaggert with the same words Wolfsbane had screamed back on Muir Isle.  Mirage's body was then thrown up into the air and against the wall.  Realising that it was her telepathic connection with Wolfsbane that had spurred the attack, she ran for the phone.  She couldn't get an answer from anyone on Muir Isle.  Struggling not to give up hope on Wolfsbane, and struggling not to give in to her injuries from the psychic attack, Mirage staggered to the other side of the mansion to wake Magik.  She didn't read the warning signs on the door and burst in on the Darkchild surrounded by demons.  Mirage collapsed from fright.  Magik helped her up and listened to her concerns about Wolfsbane until the rest of the New Mutants came running in after hearing Mirage's screams.

Sunspot was annoyed that he'd been woken up for a dream.  However, the others believed Mirage and didn't dare chance the risk that Wolfsbane really was in trouble.  They left Magik's bedroom to get ready for the journey, taunting Sunspot that he wouldn't be less of a man if he stayed behind.

By the time they teleported to Muir Isle, the sun was setting & they realised that they had travelled forward in time by at least a day.  Sunspot, who still doubted Mirage's claims, wore a hawaiian shirt & trucker cap while the others were in their uniforms.  They ran through the remains of Moira laboratory and found Wolfsbane's unconscious body lying on the floor.  They soon revived her and hugged.  Sunspot gave her his shirt as she explained what had happened.

The New Mutants travelled to the local port of Ullapool.  They passed around micro-transceivers so they could communicate.  Warlock suggested that he could absorb Legion's life-glow, but Mirage expressly forbade him from harming another living being, especially the son of their mentor Professor Xavier.  Warlock & Wolfsbane then competed against each other to locate Legion first.  They chased after Wolfsbane and arrived at a local bar.  A patron was through out of the window, but none of the other customers seemed bothered.  Cannonball & Karma were ready to go inside and contact Legion, since he hadn't met either of them before.  Magik conjured up some regular clothes for them, as they were the only ones old enough to enter a pub without drawing attention.  

Immediately Legion rejected the advances of the local girls to flirt with Karma.  She flirted with him briefly before possessing him.  However, as she went to walk away with Legion under her command, the local girl who had been spurred attacked Karma.  The slap across the face broke her concentration and Jack Wayne therefore used his telekinesis to stop her from possessing him again.  Cannonball flew into Legion, knocking him threw a wall and out into the open.  A police car arrived, but Legion caused it to spontaneously combust.  Wolfsbane & Warlock saved the policemen before they were caught in the explosion.  However, before they had the chance to regroup and plan the next step they were attacked by a telekinetic blast.

When they regained consciousness Reverence Craig appeared.  He spouted his usual hateful sermons towards Wolfsbane, but Cannonball stood up for her.  

They soon tracked Legion to a nearby oil refinery.  He set one tanker on fire, which Magma extinguished by covering it with rocks & soil.  Sunspot grabbed Legion in a powerful embrace and refused to let go when they both fell into a patch of fire.  Despite the burning on his skin, Sunspot kept his hold over Legion.  He then called to Magik to teleport them to Limbo.

Once they arrived in Limbo, Magik transformed into Darkchild.  Sunspot revealed that she ws mistress of the magical domain and that while there she would have the power to extract Jack Wayne from David Haller's body leaving him at the mercy of her demons.  Jack screamed in terror and retreated back inside David's mind.  Returning to Earth, Sunspot cradled David Haller as he shrunk to the floor scared & confused.

The next morning, Moira MacTaggert talked with Cannonball & Sunspot about how she had hoped David's mind would eventually be restored.  Sunspot observed that would mean the death of Legion's multiple personalities & understood why they were scared.  Mirage comforted Wolfsbane.  They talked about Reverend Craig, and Mirage questioned Wolfsbane about her threats of deadly violence against Legion.

Note:  Although it is not essential reading, the New Mutants Annual #2 fits in between New Mutants issues 44 & 45.  It features the first appearance of Psylocke in an American comic.

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