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Note:  This follows on from events in Uncanny X-Men #167.

Stevie Hunter has been receiving mysterious and threatening phone calls.  Karma over heard the latest call and suggested calling the police, but Stevie said they still wouldn't be able to do anything. Stevie then sent Karma back to Xavier's while she saw to her next dance student, Peter Bristow. Outside the other New Mutants were playing frisbee in the snow, and Wolsfbane had fun shifting between her wolf and transitional form to catch the disc.  As Cannonball attempted to catch the frisbee he smashed into a tree.  They were then called inside by the Professor's telepathic message.  They run inside and meet Lilandra who has made them all drinks.  She smiled as Psyche showed defiance for someone of her position. 

In his study Professor Xavier apologised for what happened with the Brood Queen inside him.  He admitted that he collected them together as part of the Brood's plan to use them as genetically superior hosts.  He then stated that he would continue to teach them if they wished to stay.  Moved by his speech, Psyche spoke for the team saying that they wanted to stay.  However, the Professor could see that Karma was distressed and she revealed Stevie's problem with the crank caller.  Despite Psyche continuing to challenge him, the Professor agreed that they could help if they approached the situation tactically.  After the New Mutants departed, Lilandra massaged the Professor's shoulders saying how Psyche reminded her of herself when she was younger, scared & rebellious.

Sunspot created a phone tap.  After waiting for hours Stevie received another crank call.  The phone tap provided the number and location of the phone used to make the calls.  Out on the street Wolfsbane choked on the scent of urine in the public phone booth before she followed the caller's scent to a local dance.  Cannonball and Wolfsbane watch the dance from a window while the others enter with Stevie.  Wolfsbane's lupine senses could detect the fear of the culprit through the usual revelry inside.  

Stevie was shocked to see the caller was her student from earlier, Peter Bristow.  Peter fled, and Wolfsbane crashed through the window chasing him.  The sight of a wolf scared the teenagers at the dance causing chaos.  Peter drove away, and the New Mutants pursued.  Cannonball caught a mother and child out of the way of Peter's speeding car, and managed to safely set them down with some telepathic coaching from Professor Xavier.  

However Peter crashed his car on a site marked 'Danger: Blasting', and his car ignited, starting a fire.  Stevie's bad knee gave up on her, so she couldn't follow the New Mutants into the burning site.  Psyche could sense Wolfsbane's desire to remain a wolf forever, but she and Karma were trapped in the fire.  Although Sunspot had thrown the burning car away from the site before it exploded he discovered a cache of stored explosives inside.  He telepathically informed the Professor who alerted the girls about the danger.  They then located Peter & Wolfsbane, and Karma possessed Peter to stop him from beating Wolfsbane with a bar.  Cannonball then flew through the site creating an escape route, and Sunspot held the crumbling roof up long enough for them to make their escape.

Back at Stevie's apartment Peter refused to talk.  The Professor admitted that the boy was too frightened to telepathically probe, prompting Psyche to willingly use her powers.  At first she showed an image of Peter kissing Stevie.  Cannonball held him back while Psyche probed further revealing his parents physically beating him with a leather belt.  Peter broke free and lunged at Psyche, but Karma restrained him.  However his sweater tore in the scuffle showing the bruises and lacerations on Peter's back.  Emotionally broken down, he confessed that he was ashamed of his love for Stevie, but still wanted her to love him back.  However, he grew frustrated as she hadn't punished him like his parents had done as a sign of their love.  He burst into tears and Stevie embraced the distraught young man.

Professor Xavier telepathically cleansed Peter's mind of the New Mutants' secret identities. An ambulance took Peter Bristow away, and the Professor informed everyone that the authorities had picked up Peter's parents & that he would be taken in to care.  Although the New Mutants had done a good job, the Professor still demanded a written report off each of them about what they had done right & wrong.  

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This comic isn't all that great. OK. This comic is terrible. It has a very slow storyline. They don't even fight a villain. The sad mood Claremont is trying to picture in the issue doesn't blend with the story. I'm glad the Brood Queen is over now. But this tale was a flop on Claremont's story. Read it! Don't suddenly discontinue the series cause one was bad. The series makes up for it quickly. Overall, nothing special....

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