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Karma used her control of the New Mutants to torment the customers in her nightclub Pharaoh.  Lives and marriages were destroyed in moments.  Storm's sudden appearance in the club caught Karma's attention.  Storm claimed that she knew who Karma really was.  When Karma sent the New Mutants to capture Storm, both Magik & Mirage appeared.  Mirage used her rapport with Wolfsbane to shock her back to normal, but the revelation of being in a skimpy dress in a nightclub caused her to run & cry.  Mirage used a psychic nightmare to shock Karma, and a large dominating image of the Professor appeared over their obese foe.  Angered, Karma possessed the entire population of the nightclub, which startled Mirage as Karma had only been able to posses a couple of people at a time.  As Mirage & Wolfsbane ran away Warlock scooped them up, transformed into a rocket and flew them to safety.

When Storm and the others arrived at their safe-house, they had to explain to Wolfsbane what had happened.  Warlock transformed himself into an array of comical animals to cheer her up, but she could not wash away the dirty feeling in her soul.  The New Mutants couldn't believe that Storm really had been a thief in Cairo, and as they swapped stories Storm spied Mirage admiring the slinky green dress that Karma had dressed Wolfsbane in.  Her guilt was immediate, and Storm consoled her in private.  They discussed responsibility, and how it was only natural to desire beauty & strength which their enemy was perverting to make into something to be ashamed of.  

However, they were suddenly attacked by Karma's possessed New Mutants.  Warlock managed to save Magik from Cannonball, but knocked him unconscious into the air.  Storm made Warlock catch his old team-mate, who was in mortal danger while he wasn't blasting.  Sunspot was easily duped by Magik & Mirage, but they soon came under attack by Magma. 

Magik teleported them both to Limbo, and then inside Pharaoh.  Leaving Mirage inside the nightclub, Magik returned to the fight while her team-mate was immediately possessed by Karma.  Magik then returned to the fight to take Warlock away.  She left him in Limbo with Sym.  However, Sym chose to show Warlock the remains of Colossus who he had killed in an alternative future.    Warlock screamed in terror at the information that his friend had already killed some of the X-Men (See the Storm & Illyana: Magik mini series).

Back in Cairo, Mirage and Wolfsbane were both poassessed, and they posed an offer for Magik to join forces with Karma.  They left to join the other New Mutants as they cornered Storm.  Storm used her staff and the local surroundings to defeat the New Mutants.  Storm thought that Magik was going to teleport them both to safety, but she took her to Pharaoh just as she had done with Mirage.

From Limbo, Magik remembered the moment when she was forced to kill Storm (see the Storm & Illyana: Magik mini series).  She considered how big of a gamble her plan was when Warlock suddenly appeared.  He was enraged, grown in size and called her a traitor.  Warlock had successfully knocked Sym unconscious, and threatened to kill Magik.

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