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Sunspot recalled the explosion at Big Sur when the team thought that Karma had died (see New Mutants #6). The New Mutants had returned to the beach at Big Sur and Cannonball consoled Sunspot.

The New Mutants had all reunited, and used Professor Xavier's funds to cover the cost of a plane to Madripoor. Cypher used his laptop to dig up as much information on the past events, General Nguyen Ngoc Coy, the Viper & Karma. Sunspot was angered that Professor Xavier must have known that Karma was still alive, and Cypher accidentally suffered Sunspot's rage for suggesting that the Professor must have had a good reason for hiding the truth from them. Wolfsbane was upset that her first friend had turned on them. They scarpered back to bed when a stewardess overheard them, but Mirage used an illusion of them all sleeping to keep them from being lectured.

Arriving in Madripoor Magma created a light earthquake as a distraction. They slipped by the airport security unnoticed before flying away in Warlock who had changed into a helicopter. Later they tried to act casually at a beach-side diner, and Cypher attempted to apologise for upsetting Sunspot on the plane, but accidentally caused another argument. Karma's limousine cavalcade drove by, and her security cameras recognised the New Mutants. Cypher and Warlock were left by the beach, causing Cypher great frustration.

The others went to sneak into Karma's mansion and were attacked by the Gladiators who were hired as security. During the fight, Wolfsbane caught Karma's scent and ran inside. Mirage & the others followed, but were soon attacked by Wolfsbane. She had been possessed, and Karma appeared at the top of the stairs to torment her old friends. Just as she was about to possess the entire team, Magik teleported herself and Mirage to Limbo. They gathered Magik's demon forces and teleported back to Madripoor. However, time had shifted so when they returned they had missed the fight. The bloody and mauled remains of the Gladiators bodies were left strewn around the property, with signs that the New Mutants had caused the slaughter. When the police arrived, Magik tried to talk to them, but they began shooting at her instead. Immediately they teleported back to Limbo.

Mirage was furious, and recalled Cypher's research from the plane flight. She demanded that Magik teleport them to Cairo, where Karma had a nightclub. Magik was concerned that when she teleported over greater distances she had less control over time. Mirage insisted and they found themselves lost in Cairo, at night. There they were found by Ashante, Storm's maternal grandmother many times removed. She gave them shelter and used her own magic spells to send them into the future.

However, they found themselves too far in the future. There Wolfsbane's telepathic rapport with Mirage tipped her and the other New Mutants off to their presence. Mirage and Magik were suddenly confronted with evil, twisted adult versions of Cannonball, Magma, Sunspot & Wolfsbane. Before they could do anything, Magik summoned up another teleportation stepping disc. Upon arriving in modern day Cairo, Mirage burst into tears. She was angry with herself and partially blamed Magik for what had happened to their friends. Magik wished her soul could feel the same pain and torment over losing their friends, but she still felt angry at the accusation Just as the girls were about to fight they were interrupted. At first they thought it was Ashake again. Then they realised it was the powerless X-Men leader, Storm.

Warlock's alien biology meant that he was immune to Karma's powers. He had sought out Storm's help, and when the girls arrived in the present he was able to locate them. Once they were all together, Storm admitted that she was afraid but was determined to fight nonetheless. Seeing Storm's fighting Spirit, both Mirage and Magik decided to continue the fight to save their friends. All four mutants joined hands.

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