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Cannonball burst through the walls of Westchester County Airport carrying Magik. Both of them were wearing nothing but their swimsuits. Cannonball ran outside, barefoot in the snow and was nearly run over by the red van he'd been chasing. He flew through the van and dragged the driver out, but dumped him on the ground before flying into the air in pursuit of the plane that had just taken off. However, the pilot caused one of the jets to blast fire out at Cannonball, which distracted him enough to cause him to fall. Magik caught him in one of her stepping discs, and teleported him to Limbo. There she handed over the rogue driver to Sym for interrogation. The driver soon confessed that their friends were to be taken to fight as Gladiators in Los Angeles. Magik was sure that she could control her teleportation stepping discs so that they would arrive before the plane landed. However, just like when they were in the Massachusetts Academy (see New Mutants # 17) Magik transported them through time as well as space; they arrived a week later.

Cannonball flew them both to Lila Cheney's Los Aangeles beach house where Guido, her butler & bodyguard, refused them entry until Cannonball identified himself. Lila threw herself into Cannonball's arms and then transported them to her Dyson sphere. However, she didn't realise that she'd also teleported her new backing singer, Alison Blaire. Dazzler hadn't revealed her mutant identity for fear of losing work. She overheard Cannonball's problem with the Gladiators and told them what she remembered from working with them before. She offered to help, but Lila was suspicious of Dazzler's addiction to the spotlight. Lila then had Guido arrange tickets for that night's Gladiators show.

Somewhere in LA, Sunspot demanded to see Magma. He had been dressed in a partially armoured outfit, similar to that he'd worn in the Nova Roma arena (see New Mutants #9). Suddenly the door smashed in and he was attacked by Axe. However, Axe dodged Sunspot's attacks and held him in a choke hold while a holographic projection of a man called Alexander Flynn explained the situation. Sunspot was still unreceptive until Magma arrived (also wearing a skimpy suit of armour). She explained that innocent homeless children were being held hostage. If Sunspot & Magma refused to fight, then the kidnapped children would take their place in the arena. They couldn't see any other way out of the situation and were therefore forced to agree to fight.

On the alien island in the Bermuda Triangle, Magneto nearly collapsed as he used his magnetic powers to raise a fallen alien statue. Lee Forester caught him from behind, and apologised for her behaviour before (see the previous issue). They reconciled with a kiss, but were soon interrupted by a pained telepathic message from Professor Xavier. He implored Magneto to lead the X-Men in battle against the Beyonder. Magneto was then left to explain the situation to Lee in more detail.

Back in LA, Lila, Dazzler and the two New Mutants arrived at the gladiatorial arena. The owner was thrilled to see that Dazzler had returned, and delighted to identify Cannonball. Once seated Lila compared Dazzler to an ex-junkie who was holding a bag of pure heroin. Magik enquired as to what their plan of action was, and Cannonball just suggested that they grab the others and use Lila's power to teleport out of their as soon as possible.

The battle begun and Dazzler immediately jumped into the arena to help her friend Ivich. Across the arena Sunspot & Magma struggled to hold their own, and were thrown off by Dazzler's light show. Suddenly, the roof of the arena lifted up and Magneto demanded that the mutants accompany him to fight the Beyonder. However, Sunspot & Magma refused to leave, forcing Cannonball and the others to go with Magneto.

Note: The events of Secret Wars II # 1 directly precede the events of New Mutants # 30.

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