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Jack Wayne used his telekinetic powers to help the Professor climb the tower inside David's mind. They were soon joined by the New Mutants, Moira MacTaggert, Gabrielle Haller and Cyndi the pyrokinetic. Cyndi & Jack clearly didn't like each other, but used their powers to defeat circling gunships. The Professor chastised Jack's behaviour, reminding him to work as part of a team. However, the weather changed. The wind was trying to blow them off the tower and the tower itself grew spikes trying to push them all off.In the Bermuda Triangle, Lee Forrester had been for a swim and thought about how her situation with Magneto was a lot like a statue of a naked human couple lay in offering before an alien ruler. As she sat thinking, he magnetically lowered a breakfast tray with a rose on it. She reacted coldly, and when Magneto asked what was wrong she attempted to dive back into the water. However, he used his power to pull her back onto the poolside, desperate to talk more about what was bothering her. She yelled about how she was only a human and that he could kill her if he changed his mind about his feelings for her. Magneto revealed his previous pain of when his wife left him after discovering that he was a mutant, and he left Lee in peace asking her not to abandon him in the same way.

Meanwhile, Jack Wayne use his telekinesis to carry everyone on a platform. As they drifted along the tower the Professor and Mirage combined their powers to reach out to the Arabian telepath. Their strike was successful, and the Arab collapsed, but so did Jack Wayne's floating platform. Thankfully they were only a few meters off the ground, an illusion that was part of the Arab's telepathic defences. They landed next to the dome, and Cypher recalled an episode of Star Trek where a telepath had fooled everyone into thinking that their weapons were harmless. Taking Cypher's meaning, the Professor walked into the wall of the black dome and passed effortlessly inside it.

Inside the dome was a room full of floating crystals. Each crystal was fragile and represented one of David Haller's memories. Mirage and Wolfsbane telepathically spoke of their distrust for Jack Wayne, but trusted the Professor's judgement. Mirage grew lonely when Gabrielle Haller realised that the images in the crystal were of her with her son, and she wanted to see her own memories of her grandfather. Cyndi flirted more with Cypher while Wolfsbane discovered broken crystals on the floor. Jack Wayne blamed the damages on the Arab, and Cypher was cut by a crystal shard.

Jemail Karami, the Arab telepath, suddenly appeared above them in another dense cluster of crystals. As Jack clashed with Jemail the crystals went flying in all directions. Everyone scattered for safety, and Cypher dived to protect Cyndi. Gabrielle Haller was suddenly confronted with the memory of her friend's death & when Jemail went to kill her son. She launched a physical attack on Jemail and had to be restrained by the Professor. However, both Grabrielle Haller's warning, and Wolfsbane's attempts to protect the Professor failed as Jack Wayne telekinetically sent a wave of crystals after him. With the Professor out of the way Jack drew out his knife and approached Jemail.

In the Hellfire Club, Empath passed the details of Magma & Sunspot to a lady. She acted as a proxy for an unknown master. She chided Empath for being powerless since his encounter with the White Queen (see New Mutants #26), but admitted that her employer would be very interested in the two New Mutants.

Back in David's mind, Cypher leapt on Jack Wayne's back long enough to stop him from killing Jemail. Jack telekinetically threw Cypher away and Mirage pulled out Jack's greatest fear; an image of Professor Xavier as a loving father who cared for David. Jack flew screaming from the illusion, giving Mirage a chance to tend to Jemail. Despite Gabrielle Haller's vocal protests, they begun to converse with Jemail. Through his contact with Cypher, Jemail had telepathically learnt English and was finally able to talk to everyone else. He explained that he was originally angry at being trapped inside the mind of a young boy, but grew to see the unconditional love between mother & son. Moved by such kindness, he had used his telepathic powers to try and mend David's mind. He led Mirage to the unconscious forms of Tom Corsi & Sharon Friedlander saying that he had tried to help them too. But Jemail was worried that the damage caused by the fight with Jack was irreversible. Mirage then came up with a plan. She forced Jack Wayne to work in tandem with Jemail Karami. Together they reformed as many of the crystals inside David's mind.

Back in the physical world, the Professor had taken nearly two weeks to regain consciousness. Mirage explained everything, and the Professor told her that her grandfather would be proud. The next day he was introduced to David Haller. It was the first time they met as father and son, and the Professor was characteristically distant. David managed to speak with his father, but was soon interrupted by the voices of Jack, Cyndi & Jemail respectively. All three of them continued to reside within David's mind, taking turns to talk, and each retaining their control over different powers. However, David was ultimately in control, and finally father & son embraced. The Professor promised his son that he would never be alone. Later out on the beach, the Professor promised Gabrielle Haller that he would help their son to the best of his abilities. However, his attention was drawn to another new danger. The Professor's telepathy had detected the presence of the Beyonder.

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