uncas007's The New Mutants #22 - The Shadow Within review

Moments of Transition

In a quiet moment between major conflicts, the New Mutants gain some needed counsel from the X-Men, though they don't heed the lessons, being caught up in their own misaligned self-conceptions. Claremont's treatment of Rahne's spirituality is getting tedious, especially the emphasis on superficialities, though it was only one line, but the ending of the issue with Rahne's fairy tale makes up for the single poor comment (the continued strained interaction with Nightcrawler, though, is good). Cannonball and Dani are still struggling with their responsibilities as leaders, neither of them willing to allow any weakness or inefficiencies, despite their youth and comparable inexperience. The effects of the Marvel Team-Up annual with Cloak and Dagger are starting to rise again in Rahne and Roberto, which is good storytelling, considering how seemingly easy the effects of that issue were dealt with. The Hellfire Club subplot is also moving along nicely, though "nice" is not very applicable, considering the ancient demoness Selene is about to join them, along with Roberto's father. It's a welcome laid-back issue but tensions are still abundant and about to rise again.


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