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"Do you believe in Magik?" You will -- when you see Illyana in action!  That's right -- this story picks up where the Magik limited series left off, and when Colossus's kid sister battles the evil S'ym, the excitement never lets up!  Oh, yeah, the New Mutants are in this issue too!
Illyana Rasputin had moved into the mansion, but was still removed from everyone else.  She could not return to her home in Russia as her parents still believed she was 7 years old.  Illyana considered throwing away her Beatrice Medllion that contained three bloodstones made from her soul.  She wandered around the grounds of the mansion lost in thought until it began to snow.  Returning to the mansion she watched the New Mutants as they used their powers in a snowball fight.  Magma had never seen snow before, so Psyche used her power to create the image of a palm tree to cheer up her new friend.  The Professor watched from a window, frustrated at being unable to read Illyana's mind.  The New Mutants could see his grave expression and Magma revealed to the others what she knew about the Professor's long distance relationship with Lilandra.  This spurred them into planning a surprise party to cheer the Professor up, and they invite Illyana to join them as they make their plans.  Unknown to all of them, a shadowy demon watched them all from behind the trees.

Stevie Hunter agreed to take the New Mutants to the mall.  At Salem Centre, they were surprised to see that the mall was still under construction after their battle with the Sentinels (see New Mutants #2).  Inside, Cannonball struggled with all the heavy shopping in another attempt to prove how strong he was to Magma.  However, his heavy burden blocked his vision and he bumped into Wolfsbane, who snapped back at him.  Then they met their new friends from the ice cream parlour and introduced them to Magma.

Back at the mansion, the Professor considered consulting with Doctor Strange or Madame Margali Szardos about Illyana's time in Limbo.  However, he was soon attacked by Belasco's demon servant Sym.

When the New Mutants arrived back home they didn't want the Professor to read their minds about the surprise party.  Therefore Illyana volunteered to enter the mansion first, as she knew the Professor couldn't read her mind.  Inside she could sense that it was too quiet, and was soon ambushed by Sym.  Seeing the demon who had tormented her since she was a child shocked her, leaving her unable to fight back.  However, her mutant power kicked in, and she teleported the New Mutants and Stevie's car into Limbo where they saw a younger version of Illyana (as seen in the Magik mini series).  They were then teleported into the mansion where they found Sym carrying Illyana's now unconscious body.  Immediately they reacted, attacking one at a time.  Sym easily swatted Cannonball, Sunspot and Wolfsbane away in quick succession.  Psyche used her own power to scare & stall Sym with an illusion of Belasco that transformed into an adult verion of Illyana as Darkchylde.  Magma then used her power to create a volcano and encase Sym inside solid rock.  It merely delayed him, and the two girls were left to fight Sym while Stevie and Illyana fled in an elevator.  Sym grabbed the cables above the carriage forcing the girls to leap out as he yanked the elevator back up.  The drop damaged Stevie's knee, leaving both her and Illyana on the floor as Sym approached.  However, when Illyana stirred she regained her mental strength and began to use her magic against Sym.  Luring him into believing that she was cornered, she then summoned her Soulsword and threatened to slay him.  Sym then vowed allegiance to Illyana and was teleported back to Limbo.  Illyana then used her magic to remove Stevie's memories of her using spells.

Later the X-Men walked in through the front door to be confronted with a mountain and Stevie's Saab covered in streamers and balloons in the front room.  They join the party to learn of what had transpired.  In order to cheer Illyana up, the Professor invited her to dance with him.  After the dance everyone began to rejoice at how the Professor had regained the full use of his legs.

Kitty Pryde then spied Doug Ramsey's face at the window.  She ran to meet him outside where he was excited to tell her his news: he'd been accepted as a pupil in Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy.

Note:  Kitty & Doug's adventures in the Massachusetts Academy are detailed in Uncanny X-Men  #180.  The events directly lead into the next issue of The New Mutants.

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