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The New Mutants introduced Amara to Professor Xavier.  Still wheelchair bound, the Professor gave Amara a quick tour of the mansion.  She was concerned that her thoughts were not her own when she discovered that her bedroom in Nova Roma had been completeld reproduced in New York due to the Professor's telepathic probing.  Left alone to her thoughts, Amara like a savage compared to modern society and accidentally triggered a minor earthquake. 

Later in the evening the New Mutants and Stevie Hunter held a barbeque to celebrate Amara's arrival.  Amara appeared wearing one of her mother's finest gowns, and immediately felt awkward and over-dressed.  Sunspot put her at ease with his charm, but Psyche felt jealous that he never spoke to her in the same manner.  The frivolity soon ended when Cannonball arrived, carrying a crate of soda bottles.  When he saw Amara he tried to impress her with a mid-air loop-the-loop, but fell on the ground soaking her mother's dress in sticky soda.  Traumatised over her mother's dress Amara ran away, causing an earthquake and leaving cracks in the ground behind her.  Sunspot saved Psyche from falling into a newly formed ravine in the lawn, and threw burning trees into the lake.  Wolfsbane and Psyche tracked Amara through the woods, but stayed back giving Amara the space to cry on her own.  However, Amara was so unhappy that she wanted to die.

Meanwhile, Henry Peter Gyrich and Sebastian Shaw made a tour of the Project Wideawake facilities when a Sentinel activated itself.  Gyrich resorted to the self-destruct sequence on the robot to save themselves and swore to punish the hackers who caused it.  

Back in New York, Doug Ramsey wasn't aware that Kitty Pryde had used his help to hack into Project Wideawake.  As they snacked on chips, Professor Xavier reminded Kitty that she was expected back at the school for an evening training session.  This caused her to run back to school, phasing through walls and trees.  Her course through the grounds brought her upon Amara as she was crying.  Kitty attempted to help Amara, but her temper raged and her hair turned into fire as she chased Kitty away.  Just as she continued her course to the mansion Kitty considered her feelings for Doug Ramsey and Colossus when the other New Mutants ganged up on her.  They were clear about their dislike of her, especially as she had called them "X-Babies".  The argument was halted by the Professor's telepathic scolding, and Kitty returned to his office where he scolded her about her lack of responsibility.  The Professor was left alone to his thoughts; he telepathically checked on Amara.  He was also concerned for Sunspot & Wolfsbane's health (after recent events in Marvel Team-Up Annual #6), and he longed for his lost love Lilandra.  He then experienced pain as a mysterious psychic wave scanned the area.

The next morning the New Mutants had a computer lesson.  Sunspot excelled, while Psyche & Amara struggled with the technology.  The Professor overheard Wolfsbane's self-doubts as she compared herself to Amara's natural beauty and felt ugly.

The class was soon followed by a trip to Stevie Hunter's dance studio for a ballet lesson.  Stevie was impressed with Amara's natural grace, so out of jealousy Wolfsbane leapt into the air and transformed into a wolf.  Cannonball berated her for foolish behaviour in public, but the scene was soon diffused by the arrival of Doug Ramsey who took Kitty Pryde away.  As she left the room, Kitty attempted to re-assure Wolfsbane that everyone makes silly mistakes.  Wolfsbane then apologised to everyone, promising it wouldn't happen again.

Back at the mansion, the Professor introduced Amara to the Danger Room.  There he gave her the codename Magma.  However, Magma soon ran away in anger when the Professor stated that he would telepathically be monitoring her progress during training sessions.  Magma was tearful and could not sleep.  She compared the Professor to her own father who was also strict but caring.  As she went to apologise, she over-heard a personal conversation between the Professor and a holographic projection of Lilandra.  Afterwards Magma & the Professor discussed how both of them must be separated from their loved ones because of their own responsibilities.  Magma cheered up and promised that she would work as hard as possible to earn the Professor's trust.

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