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Back in Rio De Janeiro, Emmanuel DaCosta returned to his office to find his son sat at his desk.  Sunspot confronted his father about his involvement with Carlos and his plans for the area around Nova Roma.  They argued about money and family.  Ultimately Sunspot threatened his father with his mutant strength to leave that area of the Amazon alone.  Sunspot stormed out, recalling his departure from his mother.  Back upstairs his father made a telephone call to Sebastian Shaw accepting his offer to join the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle.
Down on the beach Psyche & Amara were enjoying the sunshine on the beach.  Amara began to daydream and soon recalled when her father sent her away to learn control of her powers.  She was brought back to the beach when a couple of muscle guys tried to chat them up.  One of them picked Amara off her beach towel and kissed her.  Enraged that she has been treated as a cheap harlot Amara accidentally unleashed a volcano on the beach.

In a nearby Catholic church Wolfsbane entered tentatively since she had been raised to consider Catholics as bad as the devil.  Once she was inside without any repercussion Wolfsbane sat down and began to pray.  She felt guilty for her actions, and for her attraction to Cannonball.  She also felt lonely since Cannonball was clearly attracted to Amara and Psyche seemed to spend all her free time with Amara.  However her prayers were interrupted by Cannonball, who explained what happened on the beach and that Amara had run away.  Wolfsbane was needed to track their missing friend.

On the busy Rio streets the cars sounded their horns in anger at Amara as she wandered into the road with sunstroke.  The blinding light and loud noises scared her.  A police man guided her to the side of the road, but then accused her of being a tourist on drugs.  When he grabbed her by the wrist it scared her, causing another unexpected volcano in the street.

The other New Mutants followed Wolfsbane as she tracked Amara.  Wolfsbane snapped at Cannonball for treating her like his pet when he fussed her hair.  She then led them down many side streets and alleys until Wolfsbane confirmed that Amara's scent was muddled by many others.  Amara had wandered down there in a confused state.  She had turned into her molten Magma state with the desire to destroy the world, but collapsed in despair at her own madness.  Lying unconscious in her bathing suit on the cold concrete back-street floor, she had been picked up by local children who took her home.  The New Mutants tracked them down and frightened the children when they burst into the shack.  After rushed apologies they checked on Amara's fever, and sent Cannonball & Sunspot out to find ice.  While searching the city's skyline they could see a new volcano bubbling underwater in the bay. 

Cannonball flew through the air carrying Sunspot who in turn was carrying a truck full of ice.  Inside the poor shack which was covered in ice, Amara slowly regained consciouness.  Sunspot promised to compensate the locals for any damage to their home, Amara finally accepted the reasons why her father sent her away from Nova Roma, and Wolfsbane finally accepted Amara as a new friend.

Note:  Although she has joined the others as their friend, Amara was not officially a member of the New Mutants. 

Additional:  The events of Marvel Team-Up Annual #6 featuring Spider-Man, Cloack & Dagger and the New Mutants take place between the end of this issue and the start of New Mutants #13.

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