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The chosen establish a headquarters in Los Angeles.  Harbinger and Jet compare powers.  They wonder why the have the same powers.  Meanwhile, Janwillem Kroef  is hatching a devious plan.  He dispatches the Hemogoblin to kill his fellow chosen.   
Tom Kalmaku is at home reminiscing about the recent events.  Hemogoblin attacks Jet outside of a night club.  He bites her and Harbinger manifests the same wound at their headquarters.  Floro uses his powers to spy on Kroef in South Africa.  He confirms the Hemogoblin was sent by Kroef.  Tom sees news coverage of Jet's fight with Hemogoblin.  He spends the next few hours worrying about the group.   
The group locates Hemogoblin and his handler at a hotel.  They attack.  However, the handler is outside of the room and escapes.  The group take down the Hemogoblin.  The group decides to name themselves the New Guardians.  Tom arrives.  He tells the group Hemogoblin died while in police custody.  He reveals Hemogoblin died on AIDS.

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