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From the ashes of the Old Gods' realm, two worlds were formed, New Genesis and Apokolips. On New Genesis, Izaya, the HIghfather of the New Gods, and Lightray, bear witness to the Written Word, upon the Source Wall. It foretells of a future war, one that Orion will play a lead role in. Orion has journeyed to Earth, with four recently abducted humans, Claudia Shane, Dave Lincoln, Harvey Lockman, and Victor Lanza. Waiting for them, in Dave Lincoln's apartment, are Darkseid and Brola. Orion postures but hesitates in attacking Darkseid. Brola gives no quarter in his attack. Again and again he lashes out at Orion with his Shock Prod, before hammering away at him with the Hand Of Stone. Though dealt a terrible beating, Orion gains the upper hand, hurling Brola through the wall. Darkseid, however, has departed. Orion turns to confer with the four humans. Meanwhile, Darkseid and Brola materialize inside a secret underground headquarters. Darkseid punishes Brola for his failure, then inspects Desaad's latest weapon, the Fear Machine. Darkseid instructs Desaad to test the Fear Machine on their own soldiers. The weapon instills a deep and abiding terror in it's targets. Darkseid gives the order to Desaad to field test the Fear Machine. Using his Mother Box, Orion shows the four humans that Apokolips' invasion of Earth has begun. Boom Tubes have opened up all over the world, depositing the likes of Mantis and the Deep Six, at various strike points. Suddenly, the Mother Box sounds an alarm, as it picks up the energy waves of the Fear Machine. All across the city, people are panicking, held fast in the grip of irrational fear. Orion tracks the fear wave to it's source. Despite the Fear Machine's considerable defenses, Orion is able to destroy it with his Astro Force. The attack, though, was really just a feint, masking a thought probe, initiated by Darkseid. Unfortunately, the Lord of Apokolips does not gain the desired results from the probe. Orion returns to Lincoln's apartment, where he prepares the four humans for the coming conflict.

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