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In the hopes that Kalibak will carry a "cease fire" message to his masters, Police Commissioner Matt Kiernan foolishly releases the titan from captivity. Kalibak exits the detention center, leaving a swath of destruction in his wake. Meanwhile, at private investigator Dave Lincoln's apartment, Orion, longing to take the fight to Darkseid, rages in frustration. As if in answer to his desires, Claudia Shane arrives with news that Kalibak has escaped police custody. At that same moment, Desaad informs Darkseid of his son's escape. The clash between Kalibak and Orion is inevitable, for thus has it ever been. Desaad ferrets the truth out of Darkseid, Orion and Kalibak are half-brothers. For his impertinence, Desaad is given a taste of Darkseid's Omega Beams. Darkseid informs Desaad that he has not forgotten who poisoned Kalibak's mother Suli, Darkseid's chosen mate. Desaad acted at the behest of Queen Heggra. Though she was Darkseid's mother, Darkseid employed Desaad to use the same means with which he slew Suli to remove the Queen-Mother from the throne of Apokolips. Thus did Darkseid come to rule Apokolips. Kalibak announces his presence, at Lincoln's apartment, with a blow that shakes the building to it's very foundations. Before Orion can answer the challenge, Lightray races ahead of him to confront Kalibak. Lightray lights up the street with his nova blast, but Kalibak weathers the attack with little ill effect. Before Lightray can muster up another blast, Kalibak overpowers him and begins mercilessly beating Lightray. Held in place by the "Combat Code" of Warriors, Orion can only intervene once Lightray has been utterly defeated.

Across town, Verna and Ray Johnson tend to Verna's brother, Willie Walker, a paralyzed Viet Nam veteran. As soon as Verna leaves his room, Walker bolts up out of bed, and transforms into the Black Racer. Orion engages Kalibak in an epic battle. Unlike in previous conflicts, Kalibak seems, by far, more powerful. The fight quickly goes against Orion, who suffers a terrible beating at the hands of his half-brother. With Orion barely able to stand, Kalibak topples an entire building on top of him, burying Orion under tons of debris. Darkseid has been watching the conflict from afar. It is brought to Darkseid's attention that energy waves emanating from his location are being transmitted to Kalibak. Darkseid finds Desaad feeding energy to Kalibak, increasing the titan's raw power. The same device is feeding Desaad, who has been siphoning off the emotions of Kalibak and Orion for his own twisted pleasures. Disgusted, Darkseid unleashes the full power of his Omega Effect, disintegrating Desaad. Lincoln and the police move in to engage Kalibak. Orion recovers, and rejoins the fight. With Desaad's device destroyed, Kalibak's added power evaporates. No longer a match for Orion, Kalibak is beaten nigh to death by the raging New God. A fierce wind envelopes the two adversaries, flinging debris in all directions. When at last the wind dies down, only Orion remains. The Black Racer has claimed Kalibak's life. Orion, at last, acknowledges that he is Darkseid's son, and that he will fulfill the prophecy, ending both his father's life and the war with Apokolips.

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