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Mantis awakes from within his Power Pod, fully charged. Rallying his armies, Mantis leads his invasion force to Earth. In Metropolis, Forager, having completed a raid for food, is chased through the streets. His speed and agility allow him to outpace his pursuers. When he takes respite atop a skyscraper, however, a police helicopter is able to close on Forager, and trap him within a net. At the police station, District Attorney J. Mason Hartwell establishes his authority in the face of private investigator, Dave Lincoln, as well as Orion and Lightray. A Boom Tube opens in Metropolis, ushering in Mantis and his invasion force. The police inform Hartwell of the invaders, while also bringing in their first arrest, Forager. The police fight valiantly against Mantis' more powerful forces. It quickly becomes clear, though, that they will not be able to hold the city. Forager reveals that he, too, is of New Genesis. Despite Hartwell's protestations, Lightray, Orion, and Forager teleport out of the station. Orion and Forager engage the enemy directly, with Orion taking on Mantis himself, while Forager holds the line against the invaders. Lightray, however, ever the planner, looks for another way. Traveling to the Sonic Research and Development Center, Lightray commandeers an experimental sonic transmitter. The battle in the streets of Metropolis continues to rage on, with Orion, Forager and the local police forces barely managing to contain the invading armies. Lightray projects his immense power through the sonic transmitter, generating a precise frequency that sends Mantis and his forces scurrying back through their Boom Tubes. In agonizing pain, Mantis and the invaders of Metropolis retreat back whence they came. This battle has been won, but the war goes ever on.

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