sleepykidd's The New Avengers: Illuminati #1 - Illuminati review

Tony Stark power trips all over everybody

Tony Stark is a pitchman simple as that, when he has an idea on how to organize superheroes he sets up a secret meeting of the top minds of the Marvel Universe. 
They ain't buyin' it. 
Poor Tony first devises a plan to organize information among the various teams around the world. Namor who is less than trusting when it comes to the flip flopping villains who wind up in the avengers or x-men from time to time motions that this organization be a private party.
While Tony has some good points when it comes to a unified front to protect the earth, it just seems like he wants to police heroes rather than organize them.
One of the few decisions the Illuminati come to is to exile Dr. Bruce Banner, which happens to be another one of Tony's brilliant ideas. If relations weren't strained enough after this plan, (especially with Namor who ends up knocking the tar out of Iron man.)
In the final meeting of the Illuminati, Tony shows his super friends the new bill that is about to be shown to congress. The Super Hero Regestration Act. As you might have heard this would force all vigilantes to become members of SHIELD and require them to answer to the U.S. government. 
Of course this concept isn't well received among those still willing to listen to Stark. He makes one last attempt to convince them that they should as a unit embrace the bill or face a civil war among heroes. 
I thought this was a good foreshadowing of the Civil War as well as World War Hulk, it really showcases Tony Stark's mindset going into these events. The art does a good job of differentiating between the time period of the first meeting to the present day. The Namor/Iron man battle was quick and simple, and made perfect sense after all the headbutting they had throughout this issue.


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