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The mysteries and tragedies of the Sentry come to the forefront as the New Avengers come to his aid. Who is behind the Sentry's tragic life? The answer will shock you!

Tony Stark leaves the New Avengers in New York and goes out to meet with the Illuminate and discuss with them the formation of the New Avengers. Professor X and Doctor Strange approve but Namor and Reed Richards do not. (Black Bolt is silent on the matter.) After convincing the whole Illuminate that the Avengers need to be, he asks them what they have heard about the Sentry.

Meanwhile, in Long Island, Dirk Garthwaite, AKA The Wrecker, goes to the home of the man who purchased his uniform and magical crowbar. He forces the man's daughter to unlock her father's safe and retrieve his effects. Dirk, in his Wrecker costume plans on using the girl as a hostage but as he tries to make his getaway he is cornered by the Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. A battle ensues in which all the members except Spider-Woman are knocked down or blocks away.

Then in the Nevada Desert, Iron Man and Captain America meet with Maria Hill who takes them to see The Sentry. The Sentry is hold up in a cave crying about using his powers, killing his wife and releasing The Void. Iron Man shows The Sentry that his wife is alive and presents Paul Jenkins, the comic book writer who created The Sentry character. Iron Man then asks the Sentry, "Who are you?'

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