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Is it really adding anything? 0

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this issue. Fun read. However, showing what the Skrulls were up to, which was mostly puking according to this book, during House of M didn't add to the overall Secret Invasion story by any means. It felt like a throw-away issue. As interesting as it may have been, only 2-3 pages were really necessary to the underlining story. It was written well, the art looked great, but I felt let down by the issue. The history of the Skrull invasion over the past few years...

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another boring si avengers tie-in 0

I have been enjoying a couple of the avengers Secret invasion tie-ins but a majority of them are just garbage, like this one.  All it explained was that the skrulls had nothing to do with house of m (which was obvious) but they weren't affected.  This whole issue was unnecessary a secret invsion: house of m mini series is coming out that explains the skrulls involvement.....

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House Of Skrull 0

 So this issue proved basically what we already knew. The Skrulls had absolutely nothing to do with the House Of M story line. Although we do learn that they basically crapped thier pants when it happened. All those things being said, it was a good issue, if not an entirely relevent one.   So in all honesty, this book is just one big curiosity piece. If you do not already pick up the New Avengers, this will not make or break the story.  I enjoyed it well enough, but ultimately it is a take it or...

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Focus on the Skrulls 0

An interesting look on what happens when two high level Skrulls realize their invasion plans might go to heck in a handbasket because the Scarlett Witch has changed reality. I myself was quite surprised to find myself sympathizing with the villains but...there you go. Their terror and confusion struck a chord in me.And the art was top-notch as well. Very tight, very energetic. ...

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