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Marvel's most covert gathering of heroes has a secret so dark that they never speak of it, even to each other. And it could be what has brought about the Secret Invasion!

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Spoiler........Illuminati's back???? 0

So eventhought Yu has moved on, I continue to tune in monthly for the best Marvel series of the year.....and this issue has not let me down. So the infamous Illuminati is back, ...well sort of.......In this issue , like the past few, we have  followed more than just the New Avengers and along the journey we are uncovering the events that lead to the INVASION. Until now we havent gotten any real info, except the mystery of what happened to Electra. --But we see that the skulls arn't as smart as w...

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Pick of the week! 0

    I know, I know.... I picked a Marvel book, but not only that, I picked a Secret Invasion tie-in for my pick. But, it's that damn good. Marvel is horrible with tie-ins in their giant story arcs. Prime example: World War Hulk Ghost Rider. You flip to the last page and there is Hulk, that's it. Marvel usually is just trying to whore their books, and they don't care who buys it. But this tie-in is different because it actually ties-in to the story. Pieces of how the Skrull empire infiltrated the...

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Essential Secret Invasion. 0

 This time around The New Avengers takes a look at how the Skrulls found a way to completely infiltrate the Earth. How did they do it? Well, that is what it is about so you can read it yourself. Granted, this is not like Ms. Marvel. You do not go to this one for balls out action. Instead we get one of the smartest chapters of the Secret Invasion, as the Skrulls try to outsmart the greatest mind on Earth. One thing I can say, is this could have and maybe should have been a chapter of the central ...

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